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My Slideshow of my Personal Learning Environment for BMSC 1213

Alyna D

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My PLE

PubMed The VLE Portal Library Catalogue
Nature Neuroscience My PLE Personal Learning Environment the internet All my resources are online and can be found on I use google to search for:
General help
To search for alternative explanations
To find definitions of words I don't understand Such as: 'undulipodium' when a sentence in a textbook isn't worded well Another term for a eukaryotic flagellum. Wikipedia I use Wikipedia mostly to read up on chemicals I'm unsure of
and scientists that made important discoveries. The portal is the main resource I use, as it contains links
to all my lecture slideshows, notes, emails and links to
helpful websites. From the portal, I can access... YouTube The VLE is very useful as it contains all the
slideshows, notes, wider reading and exam results.
It is the first place I got to find information and
updates Another extremely important resource,
I use it to reserve and locate books. Most importantly,
I use it to access e-journals, the main ones I use are: and (Flagellum of a eukaryotic cell) Handy for finding videos to make boring explanations in textbooks a little more interesting!
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