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Op art

Op art

Mandy Van Someren

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Op art

OP Art
Op Art (Optical illusion art) exists to trick the eye.
Your Project:
OP art sharpie drawing
The CONTRAST created in Op Art is what stresses the eye out. This stress causes the illusion.
Make 10 sketches in your sketch book. Start with a basic idea. When you master that, make more complex designs.
Use a ruler even on your sketches! Op art requires precision!
Work to make a work of op art that we have not seen yet! Be creative!
Once you have 10 sketches finished, See Ms. Van Someren to pick out the most successful design.
Learning Goals:
I can...
Look at examples of Op Art to figure out how they work to trick the eye,
Develop my own work of Op Art that tricks the eye. I will concentrate on the Principle of CONTRAST to accomplish this goal.
Be precise and neat when crafting my design so that the illusion doesn't fall apart,
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