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Shirley Temple

No description

Sara Bugaighis

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Early Life

Shirley Jane Temple was born on April 23rd 1928. Shirley had two brothers john stanley temple, and George Francis Temple. SHirley began her career at age 3 in 1931. Shirley was in many movies including: Heidi, the little colonel, baby burlesks, little miss marker, curly top, dimples, cute little rich girl, captain january. Shirley Jane Temple was appointed first chief protocol of the United States. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "It is a splendid thing that for just 15 cents, an american can go to a movie and look at the smiling face of a baby and forget his troubles." The Shirley Temple drink was named after the young actress Shirley Jane Temple. Shirley was appointed by President George W. Bush as United States ambassador to czechoslovachia. Shirley was originaly cast as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but was replaced by famous Judy Garland. Shirley Jane Temple's first marriage was in 1943 with John Agar, an army air corps seargent. shirley gave birth to her daughter linda Susan. In 1949, Shirley and John had a divorce, and John had the custody of their daughter Linda Susan. Shirley Temple lives to this day and is 82 years old.
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