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No description

Lauren Perreira

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Fish

What are fish?
-In the paraphyletic group meaning the group with gills
-Do not have limbs or other digits
-Cold blooded
-Found in almost all forms of water
-streams, rivers, oceans, and lakes
- 32,000 species

What makes fish different?
- No limbs
-In water constantly
-Scales cover their body

Typical fish?
-Various sharks

Stacie Pitts
Lauren Perreira

Where do fish live?
-Water areas
-Streams, lakes, oceans, and rivers
-They prefer lots of foliage and rocks in the water
Fish Fun Facts
-Most fish lay eggs, while some sharks give birth to live sharks
-Many lipstick brands make lipstick that contain fish scales

Related Environmental and Social Issues
-Water pollution
-Over fishing
-Global Warming
Classroom Activities
-Create classroom ocean
-Each student researches individual fish
-Produces 3 minute presentation and art project on fish
-Art projects to be placed in classroom ocean

Teaching Suggestions
-Keep it simple!
-Kids already love fish
-Encourage students to bring their experience with fish to the classroom
Main Characteristics
-Live in water
-Cold blooded

-Read a book as a class regarding fish
-Ex: Rainbow Fish
Classroom Resources: Students
Works Cited
Classroom Resources: Teachers
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