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Citizenship & Volunteerism

No description

Victoria Block

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Citizenship & Volunteerism

& Volunteerism

Thank you for your attention!
And one more thing...
is here
Duties & Responsibilities
Statue of Liberty
actions required
by law
1. Go to School
2. Follow Laws
3. Pay Taxes
4. Jury Duty
5. Selective Services (18 yr. males)
actions that are not
required but should be
1. Voting
2. Volunteering
3. Being Informed
4. Respecting Others
Why volunteer?
The gov. cannot provide every person with all needs and wants
What is Volunteering?
Definition: giving up time to help others
Ways to Volunteer
Community Involvement: neighborhood watch, etc.
Charitable Organizations: volunteering w/ org. that give stuff to the needy
Peace Corps: volunteer abroad to help undeveloped countries
AmeriCorps: help needy neighborhoods in the US
Senior Corps: volunteer activities for 50+
USA Freedom Corps: mix of Peace & AmeriCorps to help citizens under dictatorship
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