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Google and Diversity

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safemia safemia

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Google and Diversity

Google and Diversity
Don't be Evil
Diversity within Google
Diversity in Google

Google thrives on diversity both internally and externally, google practices diversity through their employee
policies and relationship
Google Today

Google is a transnational company with more than
500 headquarters

around the globe, employing approximately
24,400 employees

Why Google supports Diversity??
Google knows that its successes relies on their employees. Google needed
diverse workforce
to support
of their
diverse customers
Benefits of Diversity for Google
1. Large consumer
network and innovation

2. Allow company to have
common ground with customers

3. Diverse customers and employees increases amount of
knowledge and cultural awareness
Challenges of Diversity
Conflict may occur-
conflict management and respect
for culture must be organized and recognized for many cultures and diversities. This requires
extensive research, training, etc.
Each individual is unique in terms of their needs and satisfaction

Differences in
Gender, Age, Religions, etc.
Focus on Diversity today
Lies on promotion of individuality within an organization, acknowledging that
every person can bring something different to the table
Why google needs women engineer ?
50% of Google users are females
. Google manager of engineering believes that they can deliver best products if their engineering workforce have same characteristic with the users.

Google Director is a women, in its engineering team they have 10 people from 5 different ethnics background. However,
Google Australia cannot find female engineer to work for them
Why is it hard for Google to attract female?
What is Diversity ?
Google Australia
What Google did to attract female?
Conscription with the scholarships program
Internet promotion
Provide special facilities : (healthcare, childcare, baby bonding bucks)
Google gives 5 months maternity leaves and give full pay
Chang, S., &Tharenou, P. (2004). Competencies needed for managing a multicultural workgroup. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 42, 57-74.

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Zane, N.C. (2002). The glass ceiling is the floor my boss walks on: Leadership challenges in managing diversity. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 38, 334-354.
Diversity within an organization can bring
competitive advantages
There is nothing wrong with Google policy to attract women. appointing Maile Carnegie as the managing Director is a good step to attract women. Maybe, special privileges approach might as well be considered.
Performance Management
A 360-degree feedback for measuring their employees performance while at the same time providing feedback
Google provides hundreds of free classes for employees
Emphasize culture of learning
High net income (US$ 200,000 per year)
google make sure that the employees are happy thus able to maximize productivity
Google is a male dominated industry which have masculine cultures
Woman is less interested in IT and engineering
Google has 24,400 employees worldwide and 36 in Sydney headquarters
workforce diversity is believed to contribute to competitive advantage
workforce diversity, including woman is crucial for google as the company cater needs of people with different cultures etc. around the world, especially when 50% of users are women
The reason women are less interested is because google falls under male dominated sector
Google provides scholarship and facilities to attract women to join them
as for performance management, google emphasizes culture of learning and keep the employees happy
BY : Safemia (23036362)
Xaverian (22826378)
Leo Putra (23037865)
Ali Jufri (22869778)

Why Diversity is Important ?
Provides advantages in the competition due to abundance of talent within a diverse workforce :

Less risk of getting lawsuits due to discrimination
Better understanding of diverse customers which may lead to superior products and services provided
Higher creativity as idea will be generated from multiple perspectives of a diverse workforce
Provide improved corporate image which generates public goodwill
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