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why do valcanoes explode

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chloe lawrence

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of why do valcanoes explode

How do volcanoes erupt?

when rock from under the earths surface gets really hot it melts. when it melts it turns into lava and when water or something less dense combines it erupts.

Why do volcanoes form mostly form in Hawaii?
Volcanoes mostly form in Hawaii because Hawaii is in the ring of fire and it is very hot in Hawaii.
How does the mountain part of the volcano form?
It is just a mountain that is already there that the lava erupts from
Magma is the melted rock inside the volcano. Lava is the magma that flows out the volcano
What is the difference between lava and magma?

How many active volcanoes are there?
What is the ring of fire?
It is an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanoes. The ring of fire has 50% of the active volcanoes in the world
How many active volcanoes are there?
There are about 1500 active volcanos in the earth. About 80 of them are under water. The deepest under water volcano is 40,000 feet under water
What is the largest active volcano?
Mauna Lou in Hawaii is the worlds largest active volcano. It is 13,677 feet abouve sea leavle. Mauna Lou is taller than mount Everest
Mount ST. Hellens
on may 18th 1980 mount st. helens erupted it's located in the southwest of washington more than 200 hundred died or were injured the damage was nearly 1.2 billion dollers.
Why dose lava take a long time to cool?
it is because lava is a poor conducter of heat and as it flows it thikens and hardens
Pumice is a light volcanic rock that is mostly found after volcano eruptions. Pumice represents sponge becaus it has a bunch of holes.
Thank You For Watching Hope You Enjoyed
By: Kylea, Chloe, and Chris
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