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parent interview night

No description


on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of parent interview night

School trips
literacy assignments
School trip Photos
The first day of school in grade 8 i didn't know what to expect, would i be successful or not? I would like to say so far in grade 8 this is the best school year i had in elementary school.I will be sharing my favorite subjects today. My favorite subjects are history,science, and language. I would be talking about what I learned in these subjects and succession and goals in these subjects.
My journey in grade 8 so far
One Of the places we have went to
is the school heritage house. They
explain what the students would
learn and what they would do in
class back then it was very inter-
esting beacues we could see lots
of old artifacts. We had a trip to
Richmond Hill high school we got a tour of the school .Here are some pictures
on my trips.
One of my assignments so far in grade 8 was my puzzle piece. I explained what my interest and my hobbies are. Here is a picture of me with my puzzle piece Right here. My second assignment
is my children story.
: One of my future goals for language are to improve on my spelling, and on my punctuation.
:One of my successions in language is I read faster and make better sentence..
One of the things i learned in history was confederation we also learned development
of western Canada and we also learned about BNA also called british north America act.

One of my goals for history's is try to get better grades and learn more about history.
:One succession in history is i did good on my presentation and on my history assignments.
To Parents Night
One thing i learned in science is the
cell theory we disused about animal
and plant cells. We also learned about,
diffusion and osmosis. I did a presentation on the cell research, my topic was gmo (genetically modified foods).
: One of my successions in science are i did good on my presentation.
: I think i should participate in class more and ask for help when needed.
The End
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