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The Everyday Life of a Teenager in Greece

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Ioanna Skubas

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of The Everyday Life of a Teenager in Greece

Teenage Life in Greece
I decided to interview my long-time friend and neighbor that lives in the village that my family stays in over the summer. Here is some background on her:
Name: Theodora Koukaroudi
Age: 15 years old
Grade: 10th grade
Where she lives: Hortiatis, Greece
Siblings: None
Lives with: Mom and Dad
Mother's Job: Looking after the house
Father's Job: Plumber and dog breeder
What do kids and staff wear at school?
Boys wear:
Track Suits
Winter Jackets

I always was interested in finding out how her life was during the school year-how different it was compared to mine. The stories I would tell her about my school life would interest her greatly and I wanted to find out why...
Girls Wear:
Track Suits
Winter Jackets
Winter hats
Teachers wear:
Nice winter coats
Winter hats
How long do you spend on an average night doing homework?
3 to 4 hours. Depends on how much work the teachers feel like assigning us.
How long is your school day?
7 hours.
What classes are you required to take?
We are required to take every week 2 periods of science, 2 periods of English, 2 periods of Language (We take another language that is not English. I take German for example), 5 periods of Math, and 3 periods of Social Studies
So I began my interview and focused on what a teenager would do during, before, and after school on a typical winter day. I kept in mind that her life is different today than two years ago. Education is very important for her because she wants to study abroad and live a better life than she is today in Greece. This goal might have been different if I had asked her the same question a couple of years ago.
What do you eat for breakfast typically?

What do you and other kids at school eat for lunch?

What do you eat for dinner?

Cereal with milk.
Vegetables, meatballs, sandwiches, and soup. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day so it tends to be the heaviest.
Dinner is like snack time for us. I usually will eat a salad, a boiled egg from our chickens, or some feta cheese and bread.
What are some after school activities that you and your friends participate in?

How do you stay connected with your friends?

After school, some of friends attend their dance practices (they are learning traditional Greek folk dances). Some of my other friends attend their sports practices and others go to the gymnasium at school to work out.
What is the grading system like in your school? What is based on? What is a good grade and what is a bad grade?

Are kids after school planning to attend college?

We talk through Facebook and we email, call or text each other.
Our grading system is based off of 20. The best grade you can get is a 20. The worst grade possible is a 1 but it is very hard to get such a bad grade. To pass, you need to score above a 10. Based on the class you are taking and how well your teacher teaches, what is considered a good grade and what a bad grade is varies. In general, a good grade is a score of 16 or above. A bad grade is a score of 15 or lower.
Most kids are planning on continuing their studies and going to college. There is an entrance exam that you take on the subject(s) that you are to perusing in college. For example, if you want to become a doctor, you take the entrance exam on biology and math. Based on what you score on that test, you are excepted by a college. The goal of most kids is to get to the best college that is as close to home as possible.
So how is my life different?
My school day is shorter (6 hours, not 7).
I get into college based on my overall performance in high school, and my achievements outside of school. We also are not required to know what career we what to peruse before be start college.
The school grading system is out of 100.
Dinner is the biggest meal of the day in my family, not lunch.
My friends participate in a wider range of activities outside of school
How is my school life similar?
I text and call my friends to communicate with them.
We have a required amount of classes that we need to attend in order to graduate
Kids are focused on going to college and getting a good education
We both attend after school activities
Kids try to dress in style to the best of their ability (financially)
Our breakfast is the same as well.

By Ioanna Skubas
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