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Proposal and Marketing Plan: Apple IPhone

Sean Percival's presentation from Le Web 2009. "The History of the Real Time Web"

Jordan Pilgreen

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Proposal and Marketing Plan: Apple IPhone

Marketing Plan Apple Corporation's Best Opportunity for IPhone Market Expansion Information Search Consumer Decision Process Marketing
Strategy Marketing Analysis Market Segmentation Product Positioning Mission Statement Nature of Consumer Behavior Household Life Cycle Impact on the Consumer Presented by:
Prehistoric Marketers Problem Recognition Post-Purchase Purchase Product Place Promotion Price Service "Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings." Company Customers Competitors Conditions Segmentation Criteria Segments Attractiveness Analysis Target Market Regulation and Marketing to Adults Differentiation Brand Image Attitude Change Strategy Perception Learning and Memory Motivation, Personality, and Emotion Consumer Attitude Assessment Self-Concept and Lifestyle Assessment Motivation Theory Family Decision Making Middle-Aged Single
Empty Nest I
Delayed Full Nest I
Full Nest II
Single Parent II
Empty Nest II
Older Single Marketing Mix Based on Reference
Group Inference Perception Linked
Marketing Strategy Competitor Response Market Plan
Assessment Results
Contingencies Conclusion Baby Boomers & Depression Blackberry
Windows-based Phones Economic Growth in the U.S. Accessible Attractiveness Seeking improvements and convenience Perception:
complicated and a waste of time Depression
born 1930-1945
Baby Boomers
born 1946-1964

Cognitive component:
Change beliefs
Shift importance
Add beliefs
Change ideals
Information Influence
Use the Asch Phenomenon
Encouragement to suggest to peers (WOM) Brand name & logo develpment
Media Strategy
Advertisements Purchase Involvement
Actual State
Desired State Information Sessions $99-300 Magazine, TV, and Radio Ads IPhone USA Technology is not
the Devil Not for Me An Older Face
On a Newer Twist High Education
High Income
Dual Career Household
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