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Touching Spirit Bear ABC Themes and Symbols

No description

April Garn

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear ABC Themes and Symbols

Touching Spirit Bear ABC Themes and Symbols
Ancestor Rock
The ancestor rock was introduced to Cole by Edwin. He would carry it up to the top of a large hill, then roll it down. In other words, he rolls his anger away, down the hill.
"Food was energy and energy was life." Cole ate anything within his reach as he lay there on the ground, struggling to stay alive.
Cole performed many dances including the wolf, whale, eagle, mouse, and Spirit Bear dance. By dancing to the animals he sees, he learns about them. He also danced the anger dance.
Cole is banished to a far away Alaskan island for one year, as part of the Circle Justice.
The feather held during the Circle Justice meetings, symbolizes respect and responsibility.
Cole had to choose between life and death after being attacked by the Spirit Bear. That was a very serious decision to make. He chooses life over death.
"Then he became aware of another feeling. Stronger than any burning in his arms and belly, more haunting than the darkness that surrounded him, was the realization that he was alone, totally alone with himself. And it scared him."
If Cole would've questioned the consequences of his actions before he actually did them, I'm sure he wouldn't have ended up on the island for beating up Peter. It's important to think things through before you do something.
"...he breathed deeply, feeling the rhythm of the world around him, an endless rhythm where time disappeared. As the past, present, and future become one, the droplets on Cole's cheeks dripped to the ground, melting into the landscape to which they belonged."
"Helping others is how I help myself." Garvey was just like Cole when he was younger. Now he's helping himself by helping Cole.
"Why live if you can't help others and make the world a better place?" - Rosey
Cole is isolated on a far away, Alaskan island for one year, giving him lots of time to think about his lifestyle, how to heal, and make things better.
"Justice should heal, not punish." - Garvey
Cole's intention was to kill the bear, but his plan backfired and he was seriously injured by it. "Whatever you do to the animals, you do to yourself." - Edwin
Cole only knew one solution to all of his problems, which was violence. That was probably influenced by all the memories of his father abusing him.
"Yes the world was beautiful... Staring at the delicate patterns, he wondered why he had never noticed all this before. How much beauty he had missed in his lifetime? How much beauty had he destroyed?"
Cole makes it through many obstacles, such as loneliness, harsh winters, and anger.
"How scared must someone be to actually go searching for death?" Peter suffered a lot of physical and emotional pain, which lead to attempted suicide.
It was time for Cole to take responsibility for his actions, and figure out a way to help Peter heal, in order for to heal himself.
Spirit Bear
In my opinion, the Spirit Bear symbolizes trust.
Totem Pole
Cole carved animals on a totem pole which represents the different things he learned about each one during his time on the island.
"Climbing this hill is your life. With each step, you carry your ancestors with you, in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul. If you listen, your ancestors reach out from the rock and teach you lessons of their struggles. Hear your ancestors." - Edwin
"Mom said his parents beat him, too. I don't know where it all started. All I know is I don't ever want to have a kid and beat him up." - Cole
Cole gained knowledge about the animals by dancing as he seen them.
Cole had to get X-rays when he was taken to the hospital.
I think it's better to learn while your young, so when your older, you've already learned from your mistakes.
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