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do crickets preferr light or dark

No description

Douglas Brandt

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of do crickets preferr light or dark

Materials and Methods
Do crickets prefer light or dark?
Douglas Brandt

The introduction has three parts: 1) The question asked, 2) Background context—where does this question fit with what is known, and 3) Your hypothesis presented in an “If…then” prediction that structures your research.
Research question
This section should include two sections: Materials and Procedures (Methods) in sufficient detail so that others can repeat your research.
Data Table
Variables and Groups
Do crickets prefer light or dark environments?
We know that crickets display preferences in their environments, and will move/adapt in order to maintain their preferences, as most animals are seen to do.
If crickets have a preference between light or dark, then they will choose light in order to sun themselves because many insects sun themselves for heat, and these crickets may do the same.
Choice chamber
Black paper
Fume hood
First, place crickets into choice chamber, covering with plexiglass to prevent escape.
Second, let crickets sit for five minutes and acclimate to the chamber.
Third, place black paper over half of choice chamber/plexiglass, weigh down with heavy items, check locations of crickets every 2 minutes for 20 minutes
IV: light and where it shines
DV: Location of crickets.
Control: no technical control,
but crickets were allowed 5
minutes to acclimate to control
1. Clean choice chamber
2. Catch crickets
My hypothesis, and my null hypothesis were both incorrect, i assumed that the crickets would prefer the light in order to maintain temperature, as one can often see crickets sunning themselves in nature. In the experiment, the crickets blatantly preferred the dark side of the choice chamber. this defeated my null hypothesis as the cricket's preference was indeed statistically significant. if this topic was to be further studied, temperature would be an interesting variable to experiment, perhaps a correlation exists between light preference and temperature!
In the experiment, the crickets showed a blatant preference towards the dark side of the chamber, this preference was shown to be statistically significant by determining that its chi square value was above the significance point for 1 degree of freedom. in order to be significant, the X^2 value had to fall above 3.84, the X^2 value turned out to be 4.50.
"AP bio lab investigation #2: investigating environmental changes on pill bug behavior" lab sheet.
Check #
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