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how we recycle

Johan Åberg

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of RECYCLING

It start in our homes
To separate different materials

And then we take the different materials to our local Recycling station
We do it on our own!!

The recycling station is like home, but bigger.
A big truck take the materials to recycling units.
Everything thats left, that cant be sorted out will be placed in a green waste bin outside our houses. And a dump truck will pick it up.
The waste from the green waste bin is taken to a big heat-plantage.
The heat -plantage producing
energy from our waste. Our waste become electricity and heat to warm up houses.
The heat-plant is located
about 140km from
We have a refund sytem in Sweden. When we for example buy a Coca-cola bottle or can we pay a deposit thats included in the price. When the can or bottle is emty we can take it back to the store and get the deposit money back.
For example, we get 1 swedish crown back, when we return one emty can to the store.
In Sweden we sell 600 000 000 plastic bottles
Approximately 85% of the bottles are recycled
In Sweden we sell 1 000 000 000 aluminium cans
90% of the cans are recycled
Plastic bottles can also be used in the clothing industry.
Example on products that are made of plastic bottles:
* Nike Fotball jersey =7 plastic bottles

Statistics in Arvidsjaur (recycling stations)
Kilograms/Person in year 2013
*Glass: 16,7 kg
*Paper: 18,9 kg
*Metal: 78kg (with the Recyclingcenter included)
*Plastics: 11,2 kg
*Newspapers: 20,7 kg
All the paper pack material is taken to a big paper plant and become new paper.
Glass is taken to a glass recycling company.
Newspaper is sent to a big paper plant and recycles to new paper.
Waste is a important fuel for energy-plants in Sweden. The year 2013, 15,6 TWh was produced by waste.
Sweden is the country that produces the most energi from waste, about 3MVh/1000kg waste.
26 ton recycled paper saves
589 trees.
All the metal is taken to a smelter. The metal is melted down and become new metal products.
Plastics are taken to a plastic recycling company.
1 ton recycled plastic pack material is like 1050 liters of oil.

In Sweden we have about 186 000 ton
glass package material. 93% of those
are recycled, and become new products.
In Arvidsjaur, we produce
192kg waste/ person in one year that goes to our green waste bin.
Paper can be recycled up to 8 times before the paper fibre is worn out.
There is no limit, how many times
metal can be recycled.
People that are environmentally- minded is willing to pay more for clothing that are made of recycled materials.

For example:
Patagonia outdoor clothing, made of 100% recycled material. Very expensive and popular clothing. One jacket can cost up to 600-700 Usd.

Clothing for environmentally-minded
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