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all about the Iroquois and Apache

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Briana Shamp

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of all about the Iroquois and Apache

All About The Iroquois And Apache
Where do these Native American people live?
the Iroquois live in new york state for over 2,000 years
what kind of homes did these Native Americans live?
The Iroquois live in long houses. Long houses held up to twenty family's

Who were these Native Americans?
The Apache were a Native American group or clan

by:Briana Shamp
The Iroquois were Native American people that had five nations and they fought other tribes.
the Apache live in the south west of North America in what is now Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Northern Mexico

The Apache lived in tepees, and wickups and they mostly build houses in caves and on the cliffs
How was these Native Americans family's and community organized ?
The Iroquois are in clans. And they had five clans but another clan joined later
The Apache were in clans to and the men hunted and the women grew plants to eat and also the women skinned the animal to make clothes
How did these Native Americans use natural resources around them?
The Iroquois women farmed,gathered berries, nuts, roots, herb for food and medicine while the men hunted deer,wild turkey,and fish like salmon,bass and trout. men and women also would gather wood to make fires to keep warm

The Apache men hunted animals like bison,wild turkey,bear,and lion while women farmed,picked berry's,got cactus,and got roots of vegetables such as potatoes

How did these Native Americans express them self through music, dance, stories , and art?
The Iroquois made wampum's out of purple and white sea shells they are an important tradition. The women got the sea shells and then every one from the village would come and listen to the stories from elders.
women, boys, and girls made baskets by weaving. On the the baskets they would paint the them and art work that they made. They made paint out of flower dyes. They would also bead. They made the beads out of many materials such as, ivory, bones and many other materials.
How did these Native Americans contribute are lives today?
The Iroquois made up games like lacrosse they made it with just sticks

and tendon to make the net part and now a day we have poles and string or rope
The Apache had came up with the word Geronimo because of this one man named Geronimo and we say Geronimo when we are like crazy and the man Geronimo shouted his name when he jumped of the cliff
Important words from Apache
Athabascan-the family of native american languages that includes the Apache
convert-to change someones beliefs
hostages-people who are captured and held as prisoners
missions-villages built to settle the land and convert the local people
nomads-people who move place to place
reservation-areas of land set aside for native americans to live on
surrendered-ended a struggle by giving up
travois-a frame pulled by dogs or a horse to transport possessions
treaty-an agreement or deal that legally binding on the two or more groups who signs
wickiups- a domed shaped Apache homes with a wooden frame covered with bunches of brush and stiff grass
Important words for the Iroquois
clan-a large family or group
constitution-basic laws and rules for the government
council-a group of people chosen to make decisions
dialects-different forms of a single language
league-a group of people, teams,states ,or nations
long house-a long building were Iroquois clan lived in
pelts-furry animal skin
reservations-areas of land set aside for native americans to live on
revolutionary war-a war from 1775 to 1783
sachems-member of the great council of the Iroquois
treaty-a formal peace or trade agreement
wampum-a tubed shaped beads made from polished shells and used to trade or ceremonies
Apache and Iroquois of today
The Iroquois clans Mohawk and Cayuga moved to Canada and Oneida moved to Wisconsin but both cultures will still stay strong today

There is about 57,000 native americans who still call them self Apache and they now live in,New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas

Sources of books i used

Trueflix the Iroquois

Trueflix the Apache
Fun facts about the Apache
They message with smoke signals
when the spanish came in the 1500 they were forced to give up land and many people died because of European diseases
They also have special ceremonies in Kavas
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