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Salem Tarek

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Seychelles

Seychelles The history and the founding Tourism and modern day life The Economy THE BIG FACTS Seychelles's economy is completly based on tourisim after their agriculture sector failde to become their main source of income. After people stopped working as farmers they went to work as drivers or mades because it provides a better living seychelles was founded in 1502 by the french but was never inhabited but it was used by pirates as a resting place but that lasted until.... 1756 when the stone of possesion was layed by Captain Nicholas Morphey then it was named after the french minister Jean Moreau de Sechelles. the british started to asume control over the islands in 1794 to 1810 in 1810 the british assumed full control over the islands . later in 1810 seychelles won the vote of being a independent republic of its own and had british protection. Seycheles is home to 70 hotels , 13 of the islands are fully owned by the hotels.

It is one of the best rated diving spots around the world divers from allover the world go to Seychellesfor exclusive diving trips. More than half the hotels are 4 to 5 stars and are known internationaly. it has also been ranked in the top 10 places to go for honey moons. 1.There are 115 islands and they are locted in the Indian Ocean.
2. 33% of the population worked in the agriculture sector until 1976.
3. After tourisom was introduced 3% of the population worked in the agriculture sector.
4. Cinnamon is the main crop that is still being grown. The End Tourism is one of the main sorces of income in Seychelles that is affected by the geographical positioning of the islands. Tourism also affects the daily lives of the people and how they make a living , it has also civilized the people of Seychelles from people weren't fully clothed into people that can speak multiple languages like : English , Spanish and some Arabic. But some elderly people say that "the new money is dirty" by that they mean that when tourisum started the coasts started to get poluted unlike the old days. the conclusion is that the physical geograpgy of a country affects everything that you see and hear.
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