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The Pocket Watch

To the hero of time Peter Henlein! Thank you!

Cazzita Rojas

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of The Pocket Watch

About PeterHenlein! Peter was an inventor in Nuremberg, Germany.
He thought time was a great idea to keep
around. Many people today say how did
we actually know time, when we started
appearing after the dinosaurs? People
are actually trying to figure things
about time. Peter Henlein was
probably trying to figure that too,
or stuck on the same question and
thinking the question over and
again in his mind. Peter Henlein
tried to make time alive with us
today, to actually explain every
minute of our our lives need to
count. Every time i think about it
it makes me feel that life is like a
book, we have to fill in our life
adventures or records and anything
exciting that ever happened to
you. Peter was a good man that
lived with numbers throughout
history. That is why I made my
project on The Pocket Watch.
Thank you!
Information! The first pocket watch was first made by Peter Henlein.The pocket watch is 509 years old this year in 2013.Still, they might be making new more fashionable watches his year ,but they will never take the history from the stylish old pocket watch
throughout history. Even though
it may be old and not the style
from this year, it may mean
a lot to people from their past
or childhood, it may even be
past to you one day. I wish
I would have gotten a thing
that meant something
from my family past. Why so Popular? Most Fashionable? The pocket watch was the most fashionable thing in the 16Th century. So many men thought it was the best thing to wear and was more suitable for that kind of century. It was kind of hard to wind, but a lot of people got used to it. The pocket watch was the best thing to have in hand. Maybe it was a little frustrating to use once have gotten it, but you
still have to make sure you've the right
time! Fad or Fortune? By: Cazzandra Rojas The Pocket Watch Fun Facts!! The Pocket Watch & History * There are still many Pocket Watches.
* You have to wind it all the way and it will last
26-30 hours.
* Some pocket watches are fortunes while others
are fads.
* Men still keep watches as a time keeping device.
* Many pocket watches are treasures to their
* Some pocket watches have jewels while
others are just rare metals; like gold or
* Many watches have special
* As the pocket, many people needed
time as their own time keeping device
around with them.
The Pocket Watch Facts
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