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TGIF-Case Study

No description

chaning queen

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of TGIF-Case Study

200+ Employees
Grown from a start up company to a value over 95 million in 3 years
Company values Corporate Culture

Quantum Software
TGIF-Case Study
Quantum Software needs to create a balance between corporate culture and liability and look to make changes to their weekly “beer bust” event


Professional Reputations
Corporate Culture-Views from outside
Owners want to be “friends” with employees

Long Hours
Owners feel the “need” to throw events where employees can let loose
allowing employees to drink while on the clock and on company property

“No ties, no suit coats, first names only” has been a successful norm in the organizational culture that is believed to help with employee retention, teamwork and outcome
Systems Affected
Organizational culture Important!
The recommendation would be on the agreement with Bill Carter. His opinion cutting back event’s at Quantum Software Computer Company, and to keep from having law suits
Quantum Software Computer Company founders demonstrated employees did work very hard. followed safety rules, and still had events on Friday, which improved the company
The issue at hand...
Concern- “Beer bust” event
Bills only alternative was to change company structure for a better atmosphere for former employees
limit on drinking, because of the cost in the company
His only alternative was to go meet with CEO Stan Albright, and Erin Barber, which sponsored the events on Friday for employees
The corporate culture was the party events on Fridays in the case on (TGIF), which was the celebration of employees working hard in 16 hours days, and 6 days out of the week
Want to keep up the team spirit with employees at the” beer bust” events for Quantum Software Computer Company
rides home
create a new event
off site monthly events
Alternatives for Quantum
Hire more Employees
Cancel event completely
Keep event and make changes

Beer Bust Potential Changes
Liability waivers
Off sight
Decrease to once monthly
“Designated Driver” Programs

Final Recommendation
1. Hire more employees
2. Make all 4 changes to Beer Bust event
Thank you!
Brown .D. (2011). An experimental approach to organization development (8th ed.).Upper Saddler River: Prentice Hall.

Chaning Queen
Seth Burns
Tammy Cole
Beer Bust Event
A Friday afternoon event where
Quantum Employees get to let loose.
Involves Free food and alcohol to all employees
Corporate Attorney for Quantum suggested that this event needs to change to the two Owners with little reception
Little rules and regulations set for employees to ensure safety
Employee Morale
Owners believe “beer bust” Fridays have been key to their success and growth
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