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Jeff Brooks

on 29 December 2016

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Transcript of Newsletters

It's about the donor, not you
NDOA Spring Conference • June 7, 2013
What your donors want to read
What they
want to read

Stories ... not statistics
People saying "Thanks"
Stories about donors
Deeper involvement
Planned giving
The right story
Donor Hero
Self mailer vs. envelope
No reply device
Reply device
Average gift
No reply device
Reply device
Response rate
No reply device
Self mailer
In envelope
Self mailer
In envelope
Average gift
Self mailer
In envelope
No reply device
Reply device
"Call-outs give readers entry points into your stories."
254% more revenue
111% more revenue
We are awesome!
Just the facts, ma'am
My soapbox (not yours)
People who
Donor education
Janyce (Jan) Fehner was an amazing grandma. She helped raise her granddaughter, Mia, and was like a second parent to her. “They loved spending time together, had very similar personalities, and were extremely close,” said Megan, Mia’s mom and Jan’s daughter.

When Jan was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 64, her family was devastated. Then came the news that it was terminal. But Jan didn’t let this get her down. Her goal was to live as long and as fully as possible. She didn’t stop living her life. She just kept doing. She and her husband even continued to travel together, including a trip to California and Arizona with Mia.
Always include a caption with every photo. Captions are read by nearly everyone!
How to make your newsletter readable
Great headlines
Low grade level
Alaska Winter no match for your warmth and caring
Strong action verbs
Avoid "-ing" verbs
Have multiple elements
Address the reader
2 Money-saving, revenue-killing ideas
Partnering with the Southern Philippines
Response rate
Should your newsletter ask?
Donors love to give!
Flesch-Kincaid Grade level
(or lower)
Short sentences
Short words
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