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Evan and Michaels inquiry project

No description

Evan Greene

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Evan and Michaels inquiry project

Evan and Michael's inquiry project
our inquiry question is.....
What was the aftermath of Krakatoa
Fact finding questions
Fact finding question #1
How are volcanoes formed?
Volcanoes are formed when the magma from the earths mantle makes its way to the surface of the earth and then erupts which causes lava flow and ash deposits . The more the volcano erupts the larger it will get.
Why do volcanoes erupt?
Volcanoes erupt because of the density and pressure that's builds up in the volcano. The lower density of the magma and the rocks around it causes it to rise to the surface and erupt.
Fact finding question #2
Fact finding question
When did Krakatoa's big eruption?
Krakatoa erupted on August 27th 1883.
Fact finding question #4
Is Krakatoa still active today?
Yes Krakatoa is still active today. The active vent has formed a small island in the middle of the ocean that is called Anak Krakatoa which means child of Krakatoa
Fact finding question #5
Can you predict volcanic eruption?
Yes before a volcano erupts, magma rises towards the surface, as more pushes up the rocks around it vibrate, this results in earthquakes.
Fact finding question #6
How hot is the lava coming out of the volcano?
The temperature can range between 700 to 1,200c lava can flow very far before cooling.
Why was Krakatoa's explosion so big
Fact finding question #7
Krakatoa's explosion was so big because of the pressure in the magma chamber, this lead to so much pressure that it causes a huge explosion. Krakatoa was on a island called Krackatau. The island is about 3 miles wide and 5.5 miles long. The explosion was so big it could be herd all the way to Perth, Australia
Fact finding question #8
Did anything survive on the island after the eruption?
The only thing that survived months later was a spider living in a crevice.
The big inquiry question
What was the aftermath of Krakatoa?
The aftermath of Krakatoa was it killed 36,417 people. It destroyed 165 villages and towns. If you were in 10 miles of the eruption you would of gone def. The eruption caused tsunamis 46 meters tall. The volcanic dust thrown into the atmosphere changed the weather world wide. The volcano blew the island apart into many pieces. The island grows 5 meters every year. It was the loudest sound in modern history.
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