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The Golden Age of Video Games: A New/Old Approach to Video Game

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Jared Bendis

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of The Golden Age of Video Games: A New/Old Approach to Video Game

The Golden Age of
Video Games:
A New/Old Approach to Video Game Design
What Is A Game?
Jared Bendis
Game Design Faculty -
Cleveland Institute of Art

Creative New Media Officer -
Case Western Reserve University
Balance = Hope
You are a _____
In a ______
Trying to _____
You are a HERO in a WORLD shooting HERO PROJECTILES at ENEMIES that are shooting ENEMY PROJECTILES {while optionally attacking/defending BASE (yours or theirs)}.
You are a PORCUPINE in THE WOODS shooting QUILLS at RACOONS that are shooting PINE CONES while DEFENDING YOURSELF.
You are a HERO in a WORLD with walls of WALLS collecting COLLECTIBLES while avoiding ENEMIES you power up with POWERUPS which causes SOME SPECIAL ABILITY.
You are a SHARK in the SEA with walls of CORAL collecting FISH while avoiding DOLPHINS you power up with BABY SEALS which causes DOUBLE POINTS.
You are a HERO trying to reach GOAL shooting HERO PROJECTILES while collecting COLLECTIBLES and avoiding ENEMIES shooting ENEMY PROJECTILES in a WORLD with platforms made of PLATFORMS.
You are a CHEF trying to reach A CUSTOMER shooting FIREBALLS while collecting FRENCH FIRES and avoiding POTATOES (that shoot NOTHING) in SPACE with platforms made of ONION RINGS.
Play for yourself at:
Thank You / Questions?
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