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zachary carlson

on 4 June 2013

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5 theme of geo New Zealand Location Relative location: New Zealand is found in the South Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is in the Southern and Eastern hemispheres. It is surrounded by the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.
oLatitude: 41.4395⁰ S
oLongitude:172.1936⁰ E Location Capital: Wellington
oThe Kiwi is the national symbol of New Zealand. The Kiwi is a flightless, nocturnal bird.
oOver 20% of New Zealand is national parks, forest areas and reserves.
oTo become a New Zealand citizen you have to take an oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth.
oNew Zealand is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire. Mt. Ruapehu is located in North Island and is the most active volcano on mainland.
oLake Taupo is in a crater that was created by volcanic eruption about 27,000 years ago. It´s as big as Singapore Island and the island of St. Lucia Physical Characteristics movement Exports: meat
Austraila torism dest
USA dairy prod.
Japan fruits
China veggies
wood and
wood prod.
Two men remanded in custody over burned man's death

Two men charged with murder in relation to the death of a Christchurch man who suffered serious burns on Anzac Day have been remanded in custody.
Terrance Martin Smith, 55, of Christchurch, died on May 8 after receiving severe burns in an incident at a Woolston address on April 25.
He had suffered burns to 30% of his body.
Shay Webster, 20, and Jason Barr, 42, appeared in Christchurch District Court today, Court News reports.
Webster was remanded in custody to a post-committal conference on July 26, and Barr was remanded in custody for an appearance in court by audio-visual link from the prison on June 14.
The pair had previously been charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The charge has since been upgraded to murder. Current Events lol Wanted man sought for connection with missing teen
Police are looking for a 20-year-old man in relation to a missing Christchurch school girl.
Daniel Wiremu Gerrard is wanted for arrest for a breach of bail and wilful damage.
Detective Sergeant Mark Worner said police wanted to speak with Gerrad in regards to his connection with a 13-year-old female, who has been missing since Monday.
"We do not have specific fears for her safety, but we are anxious to locate her," Worner said.
Gerrard, described as Maori, approximately 180cm and of thin build, is believed to be in the Christchurch area. Table of Contents for New Zealand

Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Leader: John key
Elected: voted
Been in power:2008
Colonization: The European cultural characteristics

people of interest:
keith Urban
rusell crowe

do they have literature
children of the poor
bane people

famous author
alex adam
philipp ballantine
adam christopher

pres Luckie Strike Cave
The Luckie Strike cave was made after thousands of years of underground streams pushing through the soft lime stone. The cave has stalactites that hang down from the ceiling and stalagmites that point up from the ground. They are created by water coming through the lime stone and leaving minerals deposits that build up over time. This is beautiful work from Mother Nature that takes centuries to make. Sunken Mountains
The Marlborough Sounds and Fiordland are two sunken mountain ranges in New Zealand. Over thousands of years the high mountain ranges slowly sank into the ocean. This created long, skinny inlets surrounded by steep cliffs called fiords. What is left of the mountains is very beautiful and unique. Lake Toupo
About 27,000 years ago a volcanic eruption made the crater where Lake Taupo is now. It is a caldera volcano, which is a volcano that collapsed into itself. The largest volcanic eruption ever known called the The Taupo Eruption about 1800 years ago. This It is still active and Lake Taupo is New Zealand´s largest lake located in North Island.
• The average depth is 360 feet (110 meters).
• The maximum depth is 610 feet (186 meters).
• Water volume is 14 cubic miles (59 cubic kilometers). Imports:
Australia machinery/equipment
China vehicles/aircraft
USA petrolium
Japan election
Singapore textiles plastics
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