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Expository Essay

No description

Noah Hollander

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Expository Essay

The Expository Essay is not a 4-letter word!
Dressing your essay for success
Formal vs. Informal
When writing an expository essay, the language used should always be formal.
back in the day
cuz, cause, or b/c (because)
w/ (without)
+ (and)
contractions (won't, I'm)
gonna, gotta, sorta, wanna
all of the sudden (all of a sudden)
thing, stuff
in my opinion, I believe, I think
What is an expository essay?
An expository essay explains something with facts:
describe how to do something.
analyze events, ideas, objects, or written works
describe a process.
Informal: The social worker
at the client's history to
find out
which interventions had previously been implemented.

Academic: The social worker
the client's history to
which interventions had previously been implemented.
In academic writing one should choose the more formal alternative when selecting a verb, noun, or other part of speech.
Tickle the pages of Mr. Thesaurus
Putting together the pieces
1) The Attention Grabber (Hook)
Narrative/Anecdote: Telling a story that illustrates or encapsulates the issue at hand
Question: posing a rhetorical question that leads directly into the rest of the essay
When two people meet for the first time, they exchange bits of information to each other. They also create first impressions of themselves. Through first impressions, people create opinions about a person they had just met without even getting to deeply know them. What if the person created a wrong first impression? The other then creates an inaccurate opinion him or her. Which is why one must get to know another person in order before forming an opinion.
(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)
Fully develop ideas
In the book "Ender's Game", character named Ender contained knowledge superior than all the others in his society. In the school though he was far younger than any of his other classmates and barely noticed. Since the others didn't have any knowledge of Ender, everyone created their first impressions through his age and underestimated his abilities. This soon changed when they battled against each him in training simulations, the opinions formulated about Ender originally changed over time when noticing his perfect win streak.
(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)
The first time you meet or see someone, you can create a false perception of a person's nature. you may be biased, you might base your opinion off of what a friend has said, or they may just give off a bad impression. But you don't know who they really are until you make an attempt of interaction. A family member of mine came all the way from the Philippines: I expected him to be polite and calm, based on what my mom had told me. But as his stay grew longer, I found him to be excessively obnoxious and with no self-control. I shut him out and his presence until my dad noticed my ignorance and asked me to try and get to know him. As I talked to him more and more, my view of his personality shifted. I saw him as a very intelligent and vivacious character. My perception of him had completely changed after getting to know each other.
Effective Conclusions
Do not summarize. Instead of summarizing, use your conclusion to reflect on the essay or add a final clinching point, and remember that a conclusion, like an introduction, should be a fully developed paragraph. An effective conclusion reminds the reader of your thesis, but should not restate your thesis word for word.
Ask yourself the following questions and answer them in your conclusion:
So what?
What does all of this mean?
Why is this important?
Analogy: a comparison in which an idea or a thing is compared to another thing that is quite different from it.
A mirror isn't the real reflection of who people are. Their real self sits underneath their skin, invisible to everyone. To look at a mirror and gaze into the eyes of a stranger has got to be the scariest, yet most common thing in this world. A lot of people are not what they seem.
Quote: use a quote from a recognizable authority or famous person.
"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them."
(5=Between Basic and Satisfactory)
Evidently, bias and judgement can cause great emotional harm to people who have been ostracized by the judgement of their peers. No one should draw definitive conclusions about a person based purely on first impressions. it is grossly unfair to all parties involved. It is always better to know someone, not just their name, but as a person, before forming any convictions about them.
(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)
Quote from a wise being, famous person, or expert.
When I was a kid, my dad always used to say, "Never judge a book by it's cover."
(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)
Appearance is the basis of first impressions. The root, meaning to become visible, declares the importance of what is seen through the eyes. However, appearance is not the answer to everything. In
To Kill A Mockingbird
, a brother and sister are frightened from the dark, broken down, shadowy house a couple doors down. letting impressions of the residence inactivity among the community soar with their imaginations, they believe the man Bo to harm people. Throughout the novel they become frightened and uncertain of Bo. However, at the end of the book Bo's true character is revealedand the children discover all previous impressions of Bo were wrong. Bo saves their lives, and as the children get to know him, they see the lack of understanding when appearance comes first.
"Don't judge a book by its cover" is a common expression used today to show the importance of not forming opinions.
In society today people are judged by their characteristics such as race, gender, and their appearance. Everyday peoples first impressions on other races are crucial due to the actions of others. In the US today many innocent Muslims are treated unjust. They are called terrorists and many other names just because of the actions of very few. Whatever the small group did to imply these impressions, the innocent shouldn't be treated wrong.
All over the world conflicts similar to these happen everyday. That is why it is more important to get to know someone before making judgemental calls that could effect many people.
How many Boo's do we have in our lives? How many heros are thought of as villains because of false assumptions from their first impressions? It is so important to take the time to get to know a person before forming an opinion about them. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
It's the final stretch, horses are neck-and-neck, tied for the lead, but one pulls ahead! All of a sudden, you're right, your friends are wrong, and you're a $1000 richer. And Why? Because you took a chance, right?
In one's life, chances open a vast window of opportunity and eventually leads to success.
As David Packard, co-founder of Hewlet-Packard, once said, "Take risks. Ask big questions. Don't be afraid to make mistakes; if you don't make mistakes, you're not reaching far enough."
The saying "If you don't succeed try and try again" is a saying people should go by.
You may often hear people telling you, "Don't be afraid to make mistakes."
(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)
The Literary Essay - Show me a story
Stay Focused
The 26 line essay is a snap shot of your entire story, so you need to focus on the important part of the story line - the part that responds to the prompt.
Answer the prompt
Think of your essay as a symphony. The prompt is the drum beat that carries throughout the essay.
Beautiful music is made by adding in the rest of the instruments (sensory details) to complete the symphony.
Appeal to the senses
The slight pitter-pattering of rain indused Nicle into a state of lull, allowing her mind to ponder over the tiresome day she had endured. Suddenly a faint moaning coming from her window snapped Nicole back to reality. Slowly rising from her seat, Nicole tiptoed over to the window and peeped her head out. She scoped out the bushes directly below the window and found nothing of interest. Pulling the window shut she moved over to the desk to start the nights homework.

(7=Between Satisfactory and Accompished

"Jarred!! I can't get out of bed!" exclaimed grandma. "Coming!" Jarred replied.
Jarred's parents died when he was at the age of two. His grandma took him in to take care of him. But he now has to take care of her. She got injured in a car accident paralyzing her from the waist down. Her company let her go because she wasnt able to work.
Jarred has to work two jobs in order to keep a roof over their heads and food
on the table. He works at Home Depot and a mechanic shop downtown. Grandma has physical therapy to attend every Tuesday and Thursday. Jarred has to take those days off to drive grandma to therapy it usually takes about an hour to two hours, but it's right next to Home Depot. So when grandma is done she rolls over there goes straight to the garden section and waits for Jarred to get off work.
After work Jarred will take grandma out to eat where she will be a little bit tired
from therapy, eating will make her feel better. She always says to him "Jarred I couldn't have asked to blessed more without you." Jarred always replies "I couldnt have been more bless without you.
(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)

The warm breeze, birds churping around her. Sherly thinks to herself, "there
couldn't be a better feeling than this." Suddenly she hears a crying noise she can't quite make out. Only seconds later does she feel something warm and fuzzy scraping against her leg. Terrified of knowing what kinds of horrifying deadly creature could be trying to suck her blood Sherly slowly looks down. Surprisingly enough, she sees the most adorable looking thing she has ever set her eyes on.

(7=Between Satisfactory and Accomplished)
Will sat next to Nicole, who was lying on the bed, clutching her clammy hand as if
it were a box of jewels. The desolate pink room that seemed so bright before, was now clouded by a poisonous aura that was emitted from the sickbed. Will winced at every hacking cough that his sister put forth, each one a blow to him. But still, he waited by her bedside, willing to do anything for his beloved sibling.
As he attempted his best at a comforting gaze, he succeeded only in realizing the
severity of her plagued state. Every instant, she became fainter and weaker, diminishing in body and mind drastically. Will could feel her life force slipping through his anxious grasp, and he fought to anchor it in life, practically willing her life to stay. For hours, into the dark dusk of night, he remained until near exhaustion, when he finally stood, kissed Nicole's forehead gently, and slouched out of the room, collapsing into his own bed, falling asleep after a minute's worth of worrying.

Time seemed lost in the hospital room as David awaited Doug's return to semi-
consciousness. It was odd watching him sleep, for he moved not since he could no longer manipulate his torso or legs. These thoughts began making David tear up again, and as Doug's eyes fluttered open he attempted to suppress his emotions.
Doug's mouth opened but no sound came out. David leaned towards his older
sibling, hoping to catch some of what was being said with Doug's limited vocal abilities. Again his mouth opened, and this time some sound was emitted.
"Hold my hand."
David immediately put his hand around Doug's, and knew that what wasn't felt
physically was felt emotionally. Looking up into his brother's eyes, David saw he was tyring to speak again. The younger brother moved in towards the older brother to hear what was being said.
It wasn't immediately clear what Doug had said, but as David pieced it together,
he truly started bawling. The two men locked eyes, and as David regained some composure he told his cherished role model, "It's not your fault. It will be okay."
The smell of filth hit my nose as I passed the horse stable. "Time to replace your
hay again Trooper?" I said teasingly, opening his stable door. He nudged my shoulder, seeming to reply, "Yes please!" Taking care of your own horse is hardwork, it takes a whole lot of patience. Take cleaning the stable for example; Trooper is an animal. Animals due their "business" whenever they please. Its my job to shovel the "business" out of the way so that new hay can be put down. But I'm just getting started.
"You need a bath as well." I said, looking at the dried mud patches on his black
and white coat. I grabbed his halter and gentley lead to a tree, tied him up, and turned on the hose. Now there is something you have to understand about horses; they all react to water differently. Some stay calm, others get friskey, and some will try to kick you. Trooper is neither, Trooper is the kind that tries to take the hose from you and get you soaking wet. Once all the mud spots were gone and Trooper was dry, I brushed out his main, tail, and coat. "Time for a change of clothes." I said, awkwardly walking back to the house.
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