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Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

No description

Sofia Biller

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

Palestinian and Israeli Conflict Sofia Biller Zionism Children Israeli and Palestine Israel Palestine Israel has a very large and powerful army. They are currently trying to take over Palestine and get the Holy Land for themselves. Palestine is not as strong an army, but are very determined to overrule the Israelis and take over the Holy Land that they claim is theirs. Palestinian Children Israeli Children Disabilities These children can gain disabilities from seeing shootings and deaths. Some children lose the ability of moving some of there limbs, such as their legs or arms. Some children even lose their ability to speak. Their Beliefs These children grow up studying a specific religion. Whether it's Judaism or Christianity, they are still following their parents beliefs. Some may gain their own opinions as they grow into adulthood, but some may continue the beliefs of their parents. Not developing their own opinions can lead to more problems between the Palestinians and the Israelis. If the children have their own opinions they may be able to see the good sides in others. Their Lives Palestinian and Israeli children live there everyday lives in the center of war. The are separated from there family, and sometimes it is almost impossible to access them. What They Believe Zionist are strong believers that think Israel should become their own nation or state. The founder Zionism was founded by Theodor Herzl. He was born in 1860. He wrote plays about anti-semitism. After several years of protesting, in 1936 the center of Zionism was moved to Jerusalem. Main Goal The Zionists main goal is to return to their homeland. By doing this they must get rid of the Palestinians which causes more problems between the two peoples. Some Israelis are against Zionism and believe that it only causes more problems and less peace throughout the state. Hi Hi Israel and Palestine have been at war for years. They both want full ownership of the Holy Land. In order for things to get better between the two communities they need to put their differences aside and come together. It's easier said than done, but it is possible. This would bring not only Israel and Palestine together, but the whole world. People around the world would put their feelings aside and learn to agree. Hopefully this will soon happen. The Fighting Must Stop
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