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Conflicts in holes

No description

ruthie simon

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Conflicts in holes

Conflicts in holes
by louis sachar

Projected:Ruth Simon
Intro to the conflicts
Man vs Man
Man vs Nature
Man vs Society
Man vs Self
Man vs Man;
Zero hitting Mr. Pendanski with a shovel. He did that because Mr. Pendanski was making fun of him.

The Warden scratching Mr Sir. She did that because Mr Sir was just wasting her time confronting that it wasnt Stanley who had the sunflower bag but was someone else.

Google Images
The Holes Book
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Man vs Nature;
Everyone at Camp Green Lake must be aware of the yellow spotted lizards. This is a conflict because they can kill you.

Zero and Stanley almost getting dehydrated when they ran away. This shows that the weather/sunlight is danger to the people at Camp Green Lake

Man vs Society;
Miss Katherine turned to Kissin Kate Barlow. Miss Katherine changed to Kissin Kate because the society killed Sam.

Stanley turning into an evil person to Clyde Livingston. Clyde said that because Stanley accidentally stole the shoes from the orphanage.

Man vs Self;
Stanley trying to pull himself out of the hole with the lizards but he was exhausted. This is a conflict because if he didnt make up his mind and wouldve been lazy then he wouldnt have been alive

Stanley dosent know if he should go back the trail and get the shovel. This shows how Stanley is having a conflict by having sanitied water or leaving your best freind to die.

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