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Reciprocal Teaching

No description

Rachel Lawson

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Reciprocal Teaching

Reciprocal Teaching
Reading Strategy
Reciprocal Teaching
Read from the perspective of summarizer, questioner, clarifier, or predictor.

When is it used?
During Reading


Allows students to become independent of teacher lead discussions. Allows students to interact more closely with the reading.
Who can use it?
Small groups
Experts Say:
What is it???
Reciprocal Teaching is a way of getting the students to lead small group discussions as the "teacher." It helps students begin discussions about the literature themselves and shows students how to successfully analyze a text.
What can it be used with?

The Human Knot
Have everyone put their left hand in the middle, and hold hands with someone in the circle, not directly next to them.

Repeat with the right hand, and be sure to hold hands with a different person, who is not directly next to them.

Then the group must use teamwork to unravel themselves into a circle again without coming disconnected.
what words and phrases are unclear

Things to think of-
How do you pronounce that?
What does the word mean?
I think the author is saying?
Generate questions as you read

Things to think of-
Right-There questions (answer in the text)
Between-the-lines questions (inference needed)
Critical Thought questions (require opinion)
Major points of significance

Highlight the key ideas up to this point in the reading.

What is going to happen?

What clues helped you to think about
what will happen next?

Is your prediction logical?
Reciprocal teaching is appropriate for use with both
fiction and nonfiction and with any grade level. It also
works well with standardized testing reading
preparation passages and with literature circles
(Latendresse, 2004).
Latendresse, C. (2004). Literature circles: Meeting reading standards, making personal connections, and appreciating other interpretations. Middle School Journal, 35(3), 13–20.
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