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To Kill a Mockingbird and 1920's and 30's

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Charlotte Hooker

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird and 1920's and 30's

To Kill a Mockingbird and the 1920's and 30's Negro Leagues - Negro Leagues were baseball leagues for African Americans, because whites discriminated them. In February 13, 1920, the first successful Negro League was formed. Andrew “Rube” Foster was the leagues president and really helped organized the league. Andrew Foster was a true leader and from his leadership he is know as “the father of black baseball”. Negro Leagues is connected to To Kill a Mockingbird, because of racism. African Americans couldn’t play in the Major leagues, because they were discriminated. In To Kill a Mockingbird there is racism, like when Atticus is trying to help out Tom Robinson, a African American man,and people think that Atticus shouldn’t help with because he’s African American. Hoovervilles - During the Great Depression many people went unemployed, and lost there homes and they didn’t have anywhere to live. People were homeless and would go live in shantytowns. These shantytowns were named Hoovervilles after President Herbert Hoover. People started to named things after Hoover too, such as “Hoover Blankets”, newspaper to protect them from the cold. “Hoover flags” were pants with pockets turned inside showing lack of money. “Hoover wagons” which were cars pulled by horses, because owners could not pay for gas. Hoovervilles are connected to Kill a Mockingbird, because the people who lived in the Hoovervilles were very poor, just like the Cunningham. They are very poor and they live on a farm and have no money. They pay people with goods or services, because they are poor and cannot pay with money. Langston Hughes- Grew up in an abolitionist family was the first Black American to be elected into a public office. His father didn’t think that he would be able to make a career out of writing he wanted him to take on a more practical career. He was best known for his work for the Harlem Renaissance. Had a poor relationship with his father. Langston Hughes is most connected with Atticus because Atticus was fine with African Americans he tried to keep everyone equal in relationships he didn’t think of anyone more then they thought of him. Louie Armstrong- He was from a very poor family and was sent to a reform school when he was twelve because he shot a gun into the air during new years eve. He learned how to play instruments when he was at school and when he left he worked to earn money so he could get enough money to buy his own instrument. Louie Armstrong is like some people in their town like the Cunningham’s they were a very poor farming family, but both of them were able to find ways to be prosperous in what they could do/make.
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