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Kindergarten Orientation


Laura Armstrong

on 3 August 2017

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Transcript of Kindergarten Orientation

Arrival & Dismissal
Kindergarten Orientation
Mrs. Armstrong's 2012-2013 Class

How To Be Prepared For Kindergarten
Arrival and Dismissal
Materials and Homework
Special Class Projects
Daily Schedule
Things to Fill Out
For EB's and LB's
Please walk your child to our line in front of the office. Do not drop of in the bus zone.

Students can arrive at 8:20 a.m.
I will pick up our kids and bring them to class at 8:25 a.m.

Instruction begins promptly at 8:30

If your child is late, you will need to sign them in at the office since they may have been marked absent.
Early Birds (EB)
Late Birds (LB)
Please walk your child to our line in front of the office. Do not drop off in bus zone.

Students can arrive by 10:25 a.m. and wait in line quietly for a proctor to walk our line to class.

Door opens at 10:30 a.m.

Instruction begins promptly at 10:35

If your child is late, you will need to sign them in at the office since they may have been marked absent.
Dismissal is in the same place. Park in the same areas; wave good bye to me.

Children only Released to Adults listed on Emergency Card.

Please promptly pick up your child at their designated time.
EB's at 12:30 p.m.
LB's at 2:35 p.m.
Call the office in the morning
Absent Work
Independent Study
Dr. appointments
Coyote Canyon
40 Minute lunch 11:05-11:45
School Lunch costs $2.25
Milk costs .25.
School Accounts or Envelopes
Lost and Found
Be sure to label it too!
No rolling backpacks
Homework Folders
Nightly homework
Homework supplies
Reading Initiative
Read 20 minutes each night
Reading calendar
How to Read to Your Child
Magic Boxes
4 kids will get the box each day
Our form of sharing
Come up with 3 clues; write them down and
practice saying them!
Please return the next day!
Super Critter
Each week starting in September
Create a special poster of your family
Take Teddy Critter and Super Critter backpack home Friday and return on Wednesday of the following week.
Write in Teddy Critter Journal
Each month your child will make a calendar; put it somewhere so that everyone can see it!
Every Friday a newsletter will come home from me
Upcoming events and special notes are added weekly
Parent Teacher Conferences
Twice a year; end of September and February
Individual scheduling for each student
Open Door Policy
Available after school by appointment only
e-mail: larmstrong@csd.k12.ca.us
Field Trips
Lewis Family Playhouse
San Bernardino County Museum
(Late Spring)
Can bring treats for 32
Treats are given at lunch
Store bought goodies,
allergies to nuts
Small juice boxes and/or treats
Volunteer Form
Kindergarten Questionnaire
School Forms
Discipline Policy
Emergency Card Information
Photograph release
Forms for First Day
Letter Formation Chart
Phonemic Awareness Tasks
Read Aloud Books List
Sight Word List
Technology Brochure
Lunch Menu
Letter Factory or Word Family
Going to the bathroom independently
Know first and last name
Bring back pack and homework folder everyday
Hold a pencil correctly
Sit quietly for story time
Use scissors and glue correctly
Tie shoes

Kindergarten Necessities
Student Responsibilities/Expectancies

Clorox Wipes
Masking Tape
Elmer's Glue or refill gallon
Black Expo Whiteboard Markers
Treasure Chest Items
$5 for Photos
First Day
Talk about your morning routine
Keep it calm!
Arrive a few minutes early for pictures
Help your child get situated; hang up backpack
Find cubby, table, seat,
Give a quick hug and kiss good bye and head out
This will help them establish their morning routine!

Contact Information
e-mail: larmstrong@csd.k12.ca.us
school: 909-980-4743
Mrs. Armstrong
Classroom Donations
Academic Standards
Helpful Tips
Math Skills
Reading Skills
Play games to help your child learn how to share and take turns.
Encourage your child to recite Mother Goose rhymes
Reading aloud will help your child learn new words and concepts

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