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Copy of Entrpreneurship

No description

ahmed elmaghraby

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Entrpreneurship

Entrepreneurship Why Entrpreneurship Entrepreneurship images by JAM! KEY ACTIVITIES! images by JAM! CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIOPS! images by JAM! the 9 building blocks of a business model! so we came up with a way to master business models through…! images by JAM! KEY PARTNERS! images by JAM! KEY RESOURCES! images by JAM! REVENUE STREAMS! images by JAM! CHANNELS! images by JAM! VALUE PROPOSITIONS! images by JAM! CUSTOMER SEGMENTS! BUILDING BLOCKS! 9 a business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value! Def_Business Model! ” ! few companies understand their “! ” there is a lack of definition! “! images by JAM! COST STRUCTURE! CANVAS! BUSINESS MODEL ! the! images by JAM! channels! resources! streams! distribution key structure! revenue cost segments! partners! customer key relationships! proposition! activities! customer value key ECO-system map Accelerators
-Tahrir square
-Endeavor VC (Venture capital)
-OT ventures
-Sawari ventures
-Vodafone ventures
-ideavelopers Government
-GAFI (Bedaya)
-TEIC Communities
-startup nation 2.0 NGO's
-Nahdet elmahrousa co-working spaces
-the district
-302 labs Angel investors
-The cairo angels
-KI angels incubators
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