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Modern Patient Journey

No description

Steve Hayes

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Modern Patient Journey

Modern Patient Journey
Meet John, a 50 year old teacher living with knee pain
John sees a tweet from Hope Healthcare about knee wellness
John retweets to his network
The next morning, John sees a post on his facebook feed from Hope Healthcare
John decides to visit Hope Healthcare's facebook page where he sees info on an upcoming knee wellness event
John submits his interests to learn more about the events at Hope Healthcare
The following morning John receives a newsletter update with the details of the event and the option to sign up
John's information is pre-populated and he is now registered for the event
John receives a text message
reminder on the day of the
event with directions
John attends the event
and is encouraged by
the available
treatment options
John shares his feedback and schedules an appointment with the knee wellness center
With the help of Hope Healthcare, John is now on his way to knee wellness
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