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My Family Tree

No description

Joe Barone

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of My Family Tree

The Barone Family Tree By: Joe Barone Parents Cousins Matthew Danielle Joe Barone Brianna Barone Pattie Barone Jerry Barone Nick Barone Grandma Lucia Trisha Barone Paul Barone Grandpa Joe-His name in Italian is Giuseppe
He immigrated to Italy
to become a Taylor for Burberry. My grandpa and her came to America already married.
They had to start all over again when they got to America.
My grandma helped with the kids while my grandpa went
to work. She is very holy and prays for the family everyday. Paul is my uncle. He likes to play sports. His favorite
baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. He is tall and is
very funny. He is the middle child of 3 boys. Trisha is my Aunt. She married my Uncle Paul.
She is a hygienist at dad's dentist office. She
enjoys reading and playing with her kids. Her
favorite team is the White Sox. Nick is my dad. He is a dentist who owns his own
dental office. He likes to watch football and workout.
He also likes to spend time with the family. He is the oldest of the 3 boys. Pattie is my mom. She is a teacher at Frank Hammond
Elementary school in Munster. She likes to go shopping, and play Bunco with her friends. Her heritage is Irish. Jerry is my Uncle. He lives in Chicago. He is a graphic
designer. He likes to hangout in the city and spend time
with his nieces and nephews. He works for marketing support where he heads a team of designers and works
with big name companies such as Home Depot, Tractor
Supply and Best Buy. Brianna is my sister. She goes to school at Saint
Michael in Schererville Indiana. She plays volleyball,
dances and runs track. She likes to hang out with
friends and go swimming in her free time. Matthew is my cousin. He is the son of Paul and Trisha.
He is very smart and energetic. He plays basketball and likes to play video games. Danielle is my youngest cousin. She is the daughter of
Paul and Trisha. She has red hair and is very energetic.
She likes to play with her dolls and hang out with her
best friend. My Name is Joe. I am the oldest cousin on this side of
the family. I play basketball and football. I play for
Indiana Premier basketball club. Next Year I will play
Football for Bishop Noll. I like to hang out with friends,
play basketball, and spend time with family.
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