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Student-Athlete Orientation 2013

No description

Ashley Sloper

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Student-Athlete Orientation 2013

Academic Resource Center
Office Hours
Academic Fitness Center Tutoring
New Student-Athlete Orientation 2013
Student-Athlete Academic Services
"Participation as a student-athlete is a priveledge, not a right."

- National College Athletic Association
Missed Class Letters
Student-athletes who will be traveling for competition must provide all professors and TA's with Missed Class Letters.

Missed Class Letters must detail all dates that classes will be missed for the quarter.

Gather assignment/exam details from the syllabi for each class.

Missed Class Letters must be provided within the first week of classes.

Return signed Missed Class Letters to your athletic counselor.
Notify your athletics counselor immediately if any problems arise.
NCAA Requirements
Minimum 6 degree units each quarter must be passed
Minimum 27 degree units each academic year (fall, winter, spring)
Minimum 2.0 GPA
Freshman – 36 units completed before sophomore year
Sophomores – Declared major and 40% of degree completed
Juniors – 60% of degree completed
Seniors – 80% of degree completed
Academic Fitness Center & Computer Lab
Rules: No Talking
No Cell Phones
No Headphones
Please change your clothes if coming from weights/practice
No Youtube

Any violations of these rules will be reported to coaching staff

Repeated violations may result in a ban of AFC or closure of computer lab
Athletic Counselors
Monitor Student-Athlete eligibility in compliance with NCAA and UCR rules/regulations
Communicate with Athletic administration, coaching staff and NCAA
Partner with UCR Department Advisors and faculty
Refer students to on-campus resources
Provide academic support for students
Assist incoming freshman and transfer student populations with transition to UCR
Maintain confidentiality
Maintain Academic Fitness Center and Computer Lab
Collaborate with professors and gather feedback from faculty in progress reports
Monitor team NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR)
Juan Vazquez
Director – Student-Athlete Academic Services
M. Basketball, W. Basketball & M. Baseball

Ashley Sloper
Academic Counselor - M. Soccer, W. Soccer, M. Golf, W. Golf & Softball

Derek Chacon
Academic Counselor - M. Track/CC, W. Track/CC, M. Tennis, W. Tennis, & Volleyball

Dio Saucedo
Student-Athlete Leadership Coordinator

Lorie Grose
Student-Athlete Academic Services Administrative Assistant

Dr. Dan Jeske
Statistics Department Chair
Faculty Athletic Representative
Major Advisors
Provide general information about procedures, requirements and course credit
Approve major declaration, credit by examination, schedule changes, withdrawl from UCR, readmission and petitions
Provide information regarding transfer course credits and their equivalencies
Ensures degree requirements have been met for commencement
Interpret College policies, academic rules, regulations and degree requirements
Assist in developing strategies for academic success and in course planning
Provide academic support
* http://chassstudentaffairs.ucr.edu/our_services/index.html
Student-Athlete Academic Services will certify your competition eligibility each quarter
Professors regularly say that their office hours are underutilized
Attending office hours can make the difference between a C+ and a B-
If office hours conflict with practice/competition/other classes, ask to schedule an appointment with the professor
It is NEVER okay to pressure your professors for certain grades due to athletic eligibility issues – THIS IS AN NCAA VIOLATION
Drop-In tutoring for popular subjects
Math/English tutorial services - Individual meeting appointments
Supplemental Instruction
Study Skills Workshops
In addition to tutorial services offered at the Academic Resource Center (ARC), tutors are available to student-athletes in the Academic Fitness Center (AFC).
The AFC tutoring schedule will be available in the near future.
Dates & Deadlines
Final exams: December 7-13
Last day to add/drop : October 18
Last day to change grading basis : November 22
Last day to withdraw from a course : November 8
Student-Athlete Expectations
Check email daily
Communicate with professors
Be accountable
Be proactive
Don't make excuses
Help your teammates
What to do if you get injured?
See your Athletic trainer
Communicate with your academic counselor
Communicate with your professors if necessary
UCR Resources
Transportation & Parking Services
Counseling Center
Student Special Services
Academic Resource Center
Student-Athlete Q & A
Class Schedules
Lecture: Typically a larger classroom, led by course professor
Discussion: Smaller classroom, often led by Teaching Assistant
Building name & location
Lecture AND Discussion attendance is MANDATORY
Brittany Crain
Women's Basketball
Undeclared- CHASS
KC John
Men's Soccer
Economics/Admin Studies
Jacob Arrieta
Men's Soccer
Redshirt Freshman
Amber Wright
Women's Track/CC
Kenny Grimble
Men's Track & Field

Softball Head Coach Linda Garza
Health Education, BS - UNLV
Kinesiology, MS- TWU
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