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Livia Nemeth

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Presentation

The PelFix
Livia Nemeth MSc
The PelFix Technique focuses on the striated muscles of the pelvic floor, improves body awareness and continence, boosts sexual health
What weakens the Pelvic Floor Muscles?
Walking on two legs
Poor body posture
Heavy lifting
Pregnancy, Childbirth, long labour
Signs of Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles
The PelFix Technique
Anatomy & physiology
Unhealthy habits
Pelvic Circulation Booster Exercises
Tailored Individual Training Programme
Progress further!
Ways to Learn PelFix
Small group
Group course
What can you expect?
Practice daily!
The Complete Pelvic Floor Education Programme
Briefly about me
MSc Biologist (Mol. Biol. & Biochemistry)
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Science
Pelvic Floor Education for Primary and Secondary Prevention and Rehabilitation
A bit of Anatomy
The bony pelvis
The Pelvic Floor
State of health
Foundation of individual training programme
Understand what to exercise and why
Understand how the muscles work
Palpation and sensation
Everyone is fully dressed during the course
Stretch the pelvic floor muscles
Boost blood circulation in the pelvis
Increases fertility & libido
Efficient for inflammation & infection
Reduces pelvic varicose veins
Some exercises are the same for everyone
Some people need extra exercises
Position is very important
Practice for 6 months and come to the advanced course!
Tampons vs pads
Visual associations
Certain exercises
Being female
In Both Sexes

Leaking urine when coughing, sneezing, jumping, lifting, walking stairs, running, exercising

Accidentally passing wind

Stool stains on underwear

Not getting to the toilet in time

Difficulty emptying the bladder or bowel

Varicose veins appearing on the testicles/penis/vagina/vulva


Pelvic pain
In Women

Painful intercourse

Bulge in the vagina

Vaginal heaviness, feeling of discomfort, dragging or pulling

Air/water can enter the vagina when bending, exercising or swimming

Lack of orgasm (vaginal), poor sensation
In Men

Last drops of urine discharge slowly or involuntarily

Stream of urine and the release of semen becoming less powerful

The angle of the erection is becoming lower

Erection and ejaculation becoming difficult to control
What do people say?
I clench at the bus stop
In fact, you should not!
Vertical positions are not recommended
I always stop the flow
Please don`t!
Having a pee is about letting go!
The residual urine in the urethra and the bladder can lead to infections
Do men have a pelvic floor?
Yes, they do.
They also need to keep the PF muscles fit!
Oh, I use a vaginal exerciser/
vaginal cones/vaginal weights
(but they don`t work)
Forget it, love, I`m too old!
You are never too old!
I don`t need it, I had hysterectomy
In this case, women really need to exercise to avoid vaginal prolapse or enterocele
Chronic sneezing, coughing
Straining on the toilet
Pelvic surgery
Prostate removal
I don`t have kids, I don`t need it
Pregnant women: I`ll do it after childbirth
Better learn it before
Fit muscles are more flexible, therefore less damage can occur
Faster recovery after childbirth
The Pilates Clinic, Wimbledon
Lady, born in 1931, urinary incontinence for 30 years. two operations, overweight, claimed pelvic floor exercises were not useful for her

The lady had completely recovered from stage III stress urinary incontinence. The muscles can be strengthened at any age, but the earlier training starts the better.
Born in 1969, given birth once, vaginal laxity greatly affecting her daily activities sex life.

Her ability to clench the vagina had increased greatly. Her husband was very happy with the results of the programme.
Born in 1928, had experienced very serious muscle weakness, incontinence.
10x one-hour training sessions

The result was spectacular: the woman’s clenching force increased and her incontinence was dramatically reduced, for which she was extremely grateful.
Born in 1954, stress incontinence, weak vagina

10 weeks later, the clenching force of her vagina became 18 times stronger. She was very happy as she no longer suffered from incontinence.
Faster recovery after vaginal delivery

Natural childbirth without episiotomy

Regain of bladder control

Regain of rectal control

Decrease the symptoms of prolapse
Increased orgasmic response in both sexes

Increased sensation

Increased fertility in both sexes
Symptoms caused by haemorrhoids will be reduced or completely eliminated
Preparation for a pelvic surgery

Faster recovery after gynaecological, proctological, urological surgery

Prevention of prolapse after hysterectomy

Stronger and longer erection

Faster regain of bladder control after prostate removal surgery
Case Study
St Rokus Hospital, Budapest, Hungary
Thank you for your attention!
Livia Nemeth
I do Pilates/I practice yoga
PelFix is different!
Toilet habits
safe place!
combination of home & hospital
Pelvic Floor Education
Haemorrhoids - alternative methods?
Went to a Pelvic Floor Education Course, recovered in 3 months
Recommended the course for family and friends
All friends gave birth w/o episiotomy and complications
I decided to become a PF Education Specialist in 2009
Colliers Wood
The Complete Pelvic Floor Education Programme for Men & Women
Women do not necessarily perform the clenches correctly
The muscles cannot relax between clenches
Participants learn what they feel if they clench correctly

They learn how to relax the muscles completely

Pregnant ladies learn how to ease labour and avoid tears as well as how to exercise after childbirth

Gradually built programme

Involves both the pelvic and the urogenital diaphragm
Two diaphragms: pelvic and urogenital
Close cavities, support organs, ability to contract and release
Protect the ligaments
Learn about health conditions and prevention
Disuse atrophy affects all people and all striated muscles
I can`t get down on the floor
The course can be tailored to special needs
I don`t want to exercise, the operation will fix me
Yes and no.
If the source of the problem is muscle weakness and bad habits, the symptoms will reoccur and further operations will be needed.
Nutrition & Lifestyle
Importance of vitamins
Sperm count reduction
If suffering from a health condition, please seek medical advice before attending a course
The Pilates Clinic, Wimbledon
Sunday mornings
Colliers Wood - weekdays
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