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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

No description

engela elefano

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Character Tracer
Mr. Freeman:
Mean, nasty, bossy
pg 78 paragraph 3
Mr. Freeman is mean and nasty because he snatched down Maya's bloomers and raped her, threatening to kill Bailey if she told anybody.
trustworthy, caring, protective
pg 83 paragraph 1
Bailey is trustworthy because he won't let Mr. Freeman kill him or Maya. He is also caring because he felt bad about what happened to Maya so he cried beside her.
lonely, intelligent, serious
pg 75 paragraph 4
Maya is lonely because when Mr. Freeman stopped talking her, she felt sad. Maya is also intelligent because she like to read books and serious because she doesn't talk.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
By: Yuripsi Bracamonte
Engela Elefano
Gissely Figueroa
Maritza Nares
Miriam Ruiz
Lauren Velazquez

Ever since she got separated from her parents because they had a divorce, Marguerite and her older brother, Bailey, have been living with their grandmother ("Momma") and uncle in the Store. Several events happened to Marguerite since then. As the years went by, Marguerite had her first friend, but then she got separated from her for a while when Marguerite had to visit her mother, Vivian, in St. Louis. While in St. Louis, at the age of 7, Marguerite got raped by Mr. Freeman, one of Marguerite's mother's boyfriend. She could only confide in Bailey. Though her mother found out when the panties fell out from under the mattress. Soon after, Marguerite went to court about her incident with Mr. Freeman. He was beaten to death a few days after. Many days have passed since then, and Marguerite had learned a lot about her race's hardships at that time and about the different races in the world. As she grew up, Marguerite got a job as a taxi driver, got pregnant, and had a baby boy.
Background Investigator
Maya was sexually abused and raped at age 7 by her mom's boyfriend, Mr. Freeman.
When Maya finished high school she gave birth to her son "Guy".
Maya's given name is Marguerite Johnson
At the age of 14, she dropped out of school to become the first African American cable car conductor
She also worked as a night-club dancer and performer as well as an actor, director and producer
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on Maya's birthday so she stopped celebrating her birthday
Wrote a drama called "Georgia, Georgia"
She was one of the first African American women who was able to discuss her life publicly
She became mute for almost 5 years because of her telling what happened with Mr. Freeman
She lived during the Great Depression and World War II
Vocabulary Builder
1. segregate- divide from main body
It shows how the colored was separated from the whites that they didn't know what the whites looked like.
2. sobriquet- a person's nickname
When someone in church is talking about a particular individual, they use the word "they" for they couldn't talk harshly about him/her.
3. ambrosia- something especially delicious to taste or smell
It shows that the people from the town enjoyed their coca-colas and candy bars when a black boy named Joe Louis won heavyweight champion
4. conveyed- brought out emotionally
It shows how Momma showed her concern and assurance to Marguerite making sure she was safe when she left to go with her parents.
5. aping- an imitator; mimic
The white kids were imitating how Momma stands and how she and grandmother pooch their lips out.
6. hypnotize- induce hypnosis in
Maya was imagining herself as the white doll with rosy cheeks and blonde hair thinking her light blue eyes would hypnotize people.
Literary Terminator
- intended for teaching or to teach a moral lesson
Mrs. Flowers teaches Marguerite not to be shy, quiet person by assigning her books to read out loud to Mrs. Flowers.
- rising feeling in the story
When Marguerite was in court, she was being asked if Mr. Freeman touched her before he raped her and she wanted to say no when Mr. Freeman really did.
Character Motivation
- The reasons why a character acts, thinks, or feels a certain way.
Bailey and Marguerite were scared to finally meet their biological mom.
Quote Finder
pg 254, Paragraph 4
"The unrestrained life we had led made me believe that my new friends would be undemonstrative about my leaving."
This quote is personally meaningful because when we make new friends, we wonder if they would miss us when one ever leaves.
pg 25 paragraph 4
"I remember never believing that whites were really real."
This shows how they were segregated from the whites, that they don't know what they look like.
pg 116 paragraph 4
"'Hey Bail.' hoping to remind him that I was his sister and his only friend, but he grumbled something like, 'Leave me alone.'"
This quote shows how Bailey wasn't acting like himself after he came home late from the Rialto (movie theater)
pg 119 paragraph 2
"The movie star made me happy."
This movie star reminded Marguerite of her mother, making Marguerite happy to see her.
Artistic Replicator

I told myself that I would never come back if I flew away
I aimed right for that sky, blue blue sky far away

I can’t remember the sadness or misery, it hasn’t hit me but I begin to grasp the pain
These feelings for you that I have inside of me are now changing into words

I wake up from a dream about an unknown mysterious world
And then I spread open my wings and take off

I told myself that I would never come back if I flew away
I aimed right for that sky white white clouds far away
I believed that I could find it if I broke right through the clouds
The farther out I go, blue blue sky far away
Blue blue sky far away x2

The sound that I dislike hearing the most ended up
Breaking that desolate, rusty, and old window
tired of seeing that basket I threw it away
I Won’t go looking back anymore

My pounding heart is beating fast again I Need to take a deep breath and
Then I’ll kick off this window and I’ll fly away

I told myself that I could reach it if I took off and ran away
That voice is leading me far away far away so far away
It was so dazzling holding hands with you baby
The more I search the more I want blue blue sky far away

I knew it in my heart that I would start to fall but it didn't change what I want
I will keep on chasing the light

I told myself that I would never come back if I flew away
I aimed right for that sky white white clouds far away
I believed that I could find it if I broke right through the clouds
The farther out I go, blue blue sky far away
Blue blue sky far away x2
Real life connector
"I screamed and grabbed for the belt, but Momma caught me."
This reminds me when my mom is ready to hit me with a belt/sandal when i would do something bad.
"During those months we saw our grandparent and uncles, but they ask the same question, "Have you been good children?" for which there was only one answer.
This relates to me because when my relatives come over, they would ask the same question.
"Remembering my manners, I took nice little lady-like bites off the edges."
When i was smaller i would bite the edges of my nutella sandwich like what they do in tea parties kind of.
"Looking through the years, I marvel that Saturday was my favorite day in the week"
Saturdays are the best because that's when I have plans. When I don't i sleep in and watch cartoons and I think it's relaxing because I don't have to worry about nothing yet.
Discussion Director
1.If you had a personal secret, how long would you be able to hold it in?
2.How would the story be if it was written by Bailey?
3. Is it true that sometimes people can learn from outside of books?
4. Why do guys want "it" so much that they would even go for little girls?
5. Why is it that we hide whenever we are in trouble?
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