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Land And Water Features

Land And Water Features

Chandler Price

on 28 August 2011

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Transcript of Land And Water Features

Land And Water Feaures Butte: A raised area of land with
steep sides, smaller than a mesa. Delta: A triangular area of land
formed from deposits at the
mouth of a river. Strait: A narrow strip of water connecting two large bodies of water. Volcano: An opening in earth's surface through which gases and
lava escape from earth's interor. Oasis: A spot of fertile land in a
desert, supplied with water by a well or spring. Archielago: A group of islands. Valley: Low land
between hills with
water by a well or
spring. Bay: Part of an ocean or a lake
partially enclosed by land. Canyon: A deep, narrow valley
with steep sides. Harbor: A sheltered area of
water, deep enough for
docking ships. Plateau: A brood, flat area of land
higher than the surrounding land. Gulf: Large area of sea or ocean
partially enclosed by land. Penisula: A body of land enclosed
with water on three sides. Coast: Area of land
by the sea. Canal: Artifical waterway. Mountain Range: Series of mountain
ridges kind of the same in form along
with direction and orgin. Ocean: A major body
of salt water. River: A natural stream
of water.
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