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Quick Intro to Islam

A quick summary of some key points of the Islam religion

Hannah Poe

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Quick Intro to Islam

Islam Five Pillars of Islam 1. Shahada 2. Salat 3. Sawm 4. Zakat 5. Hajj Monotheism Belief in one God 5 Daily Prayers Fajr Prayer said at dawn Dhuhr Isha'a Maghrib Asr Prayer said at noon Prayer said in the afternoon Prayer said at the sunset Prayer said in the evening Prayers are recited while facing the Ka'bah in Mecca Prayer Muslims must wash themselves before prayer Fasting Ramadan Firing of Cannons
signal the beginning
of Ramadan Fast from sunrise to sundown without food or drink
for the entire month of Ramadan The 9th Islamic Month however, may be
eaten before sunrise
and after the sunset Food, Giving money to the poor is also important Ramadan is an important time
of fasting in the Islam religion. Alms giving Four rules to giving alms: 1. Must declare intention to God
2. Zakat must be paid the day it's due
3. Payment must be kind
4. Zakat must be distributed in the community Pilgrimage Pilgrimage is made to the holy city of Mecca 60% of Mombasa's population is Muslim Muslim families
will be preparing
for Ramadan in Mombasa at
the end of our
homestays. Eid ul-Fitr 3 day celebration for the end of Ramadan Gifts Henna Food Street Fairs Dancing "There is
no other
god but
God" O O The Qur'an is the religious text of Islam Muhammad founded the Islam religion and is believed to be the last messenger of God Two Denominations 1. Sunni 2. Shia 80-90% of Muslims are Sunni 10-20% of Muslims are Shia What's the difference? Shias (Shiites) believe that Ali ibn Abi Talib is Muhammad's successor Sunnis do not believe
had a successor The majority of Muslims
in Kenya are Sunni Muslims pray in Mosques Jamia Mosque in Nairobi (Yes, those are Muslims praying!) 23% of the world is Muslim 2% of Americans are Muslim Muslims profess that their God
is the same God as the Christians and Jews same God Muslims, unlike Christians,
do not believe that Jesus is
God Himself nor the Son of
God, only a great prophet. Islam vs. Christianity Islam vs. Judaism Islam and Judaism are very similar
in teachings, beliefs, and practices.
Both are considered Abrahamic religions. The Hadith The Hadith is a collection of sayings
of the prophet Mohammad. It is
studied in addition to the Qur'an Allah means "God" in Arabic of Islam
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