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Leon Genre

on 24 August 2011

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Transcript of lichtenstien

A lesson on the Art
of Roy Lichtenstein Introduction Who is this Guy?
Why isn't he a copy cat? History Styles Criticism Day 1 Day 2 Son told him he wasn't as good as the comic book atists His first dot show beat Andy Warhol for gallery space High Emotion Word Bubbles Action! He's just a copycat Homework for Day 1 Prepair for Debate on
Copywrite infringement Fishbowl Debate Discuss Copywrite and parody Dots three dot technique excercise Homework Day 2 find examples of emotion,
action, wordbubbles Day 3 Share and Discuss Directed Study Meaning and Intent Choose an Image Begin Working Homework Day 3 Continue Work on Project Day 4 Critique half way art show Directed Study Indivuals Work DAY 5 Group Assessment Discuss Styles Finished products Wrap-up Party Homework Day 4 Finish Project Thank you
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