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New Jersey

No description

Celine Wang

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of New Jersey

New J e r s y Celine Mrs. Yob Carlton Year of: 2013 e "The Garden State" "Liberty and Prosperity" motto Flower seal nickname Trenton is the capital December 18, 1787 is the date of statehood 8,864,590 is the latest population Newark is the largest city state tree state bird New Jersey What it's like: The Delaware River and Hudson River touches the borders of "The Garden State". The Hudson bay touches the southern tip of New Jersey, while the Appalachian Mountains touch the highlands. =Trenton, Paterson, Jersey City, Elizabeth (capital and largest cities) State Symbols: Basic Facts: Geography: Geography: History: Native American tribe that lived there: Lenni-Lenape 2,581 slaves 1726 1746 1776 1787 1838 1932 Princeton University was chartered George Washington crossed the Delaware and captured Trenton New Jersey became a state F.B. Morse and Alfred Vail demonstrated the telegraph Lindbergh baby is kidnapped Important dates: Whitney Houston Grover Cleveland Famous People born in New Jersey: New Jersey has cold winters Climate: Climate: summer: winter: Frank Sinatra Economy: Major Industries: farming and chemicals Major Products: *cranberries *hay *berries Tourism: People usually tour New Jersey for its historic sites Conclusion: What makes New Jersey a good place to historical sites top three for livability, health, and low crime affordable to live Bibliography State Symbols and warm, humid summers. So pack up and take the next flight to New Jersey! .worldatlas.com states.com . .pseg.com en.wikipedia.org live ? ? ? ?
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