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The 10 Most Important Events in Computer History

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Bryson Wood

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The 10 Most Important Events in Computer History

The Keyboard
Jan 21, 1947
The First Computer
Jan 21. 1944
The World Wide Web
Aug 6, 1991
The Portable Computer
Jan 21, 1975
The 10 Most Important Events in Computer History
The Calculator
The calculator, invented by George Stiblitz, was a invention that led to many ideas and new creations to computer history. Its design was used and carried on, but this one invention was a stepping stone to the first computer!

Jan 21, 1939
The first computer was invented in Harvard University, by The Mark Serries co. This invention led the advance onto computer science and major computer history events!
Before the invention of the keyboard, people used a thing called punch cards. The keyboard was invented for the purpose of efficiently typing in any information at ease!
Punch Cards
The Digital Computer
Jan 21, 1950
The digital computer was first invented in Japan, its purpose was to run and recieve data and information efficiently!
The Computer Mouse
Jan 21, 1963
The computer mouse, invented by Douglas Englebart, was made to serve as a easier motive of using the computer. It was called the "mouse" because of its USB cord sticking out, resembling the look of a mouse.
The First Video Game
Jan 21, 1972
The video game was an application to make the computer more appealing or entertaining to many people. This invention brought much attention to computers, making video games and computers more exciting and popular!
The company, Altair, invented the first ever portable computer! This invention, also known as a laptop, was made to make getting access to your own device much simpler and convenient to those who do presentations or work with computers.
Computers Boom in the US
Jan 21, 1986
Since the beginning of the computer time line up till now, over 30 million computers in the US are being used. Computers are booming around this point!
The creation of the world wide web, created on August 6th, was made to pass information in under a matter of seconds. It is now used for many websites and supports many programs.
Sept 7, 1998
Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded the search engine "Google", which is now the most popular and most used search engine today!
I know for a fact that most of those dates are not correct, I have tried multiple times to find a accurate date, but there are no definite answers. I am so sorry for not being able to put in the correct dates.
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