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Junior University - Presentation

boryana chaneva

on 16 April 2013

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Junior University The OPEN BOX project Presents: A Summer School
Pilot Project Proposal THE CONCEPT Junior University – Malta The Junior University programme will be implemeted in collaboration with the
University of Malta What is Junior Uni? similar concept existing atWuppertal University in Germany
creating international links and exchange of know-how Not a typical summer school ! Our aims: start-up with a pilot project involving 8 - 13 year olds
carry out activities on University premises Objectives: explore the creative process
learning through fun
encourage young talent outside the formal educational framework
stimulate lateral thinking
discourage early school leaving The Course structure 3 core areas: Methodology: Art & Design

Science & Technology

Digital Media & Communications Applying cross-curricular learning
Focusing on creativity and the creative process The approach The project will be of value to both pupils & educators Target groups: PUPILS: school aged children/adolescents
i) new graduates
ii)Uni students in their final year Benefits The pupils: The educators: get the feel of what University is like
associate it with fun learning
gain awareness of different career paths
develop lateral thinking & problem solving skills gain experience in teaching & non-formal education
internship credentials
help in supporting young talent Our Motivation & Results Funding? Premju tal-President Funding up to Eur 5,000
Deadline for application: 17th May
Results by: 28th June - Making school children more prepared to face 21st Century Economy
- Popularizing the arts, science and technology
- Encouraging furthering studies at higher education Preparing school children for the challenges of 21st Century economy

Popularizing the arts, science and technology

Encouraging furthering studies at higher education

Providing an opportunity for young professionals
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