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BCOMM Ch.1 - Business Communications 2.0

No description

Ryan Pierce

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of BCOMM Ch.1 - Business Communications 2.0

The Social Communication Model
Business Communication 2.0 Publishing/Broadcasting Scripted messages to mass audience
1 way communication
passive audience Interactive/Conversational blogs
podcasts Formal Communication Network Informal Communications = grapevine/rumor mill Internal vs. External Communication
What is the difference? Practical
Compelling Challenges to Communication Globalization
Pervasiveness of Technology
Organizational Structure Evolution Tall Structures
many management layers (Delta)
Flat Structures
very few layers of management if any at all (small business)
Matrix Structure
employees report to multiple managers simultaneously The Communication Process What are the Barriers to the
Communication Process? Noise/Competing Messages
Channel Breakdowns They must decode the
message you are sending! Audience Centered Communication FeedBack Constructive vs. Desctructive There are Ethics
In Communication! Ethical Dilemma vs. Ethical Lapse Understand audience and craft message so that it is meaningful to THEM! Emotional Intelligence Constructive Criticism
- focus on process and outcomes of communication
- "Your proposal could be more effective, with a clearer description of the manufacturing process you advocate as well as a..." Criticism without effort to stimulate improvement
- "This proposal is a confusing mess" Etiquette Expected norms of behavior in any particular situation
Rely on respect, courtesy, and common sense What are ethics? - accepted principles of conduct that govern behavior within a society
- they are the "boundaries" between right/wrong Unethical Communication Plagarism
Distorting Visuals
Lack of Respect for Privacy/Security Needs Technology in Business Communication Keep Technology In Perspective
Guard Against Information Overload
Use Technological Tools Productively
Reconnect With People Ethical Communications are bound by Law Promotional Communication
Employment Communication
Intellectual Property
Financial Reporting
Transparency Technology Addiction What is Communication? the process of transferring information and meaning between senders and receivers using one or more written, oral, visual, or electronic media Why is it SOOOOOOOOO
Important? Career Company Sharing of great and complex ideas
Leadership and Management
MONEY!!! What is Effective
Business Communications? "YOU" attitude messages not about "me"
challenges communicator to learn as much as possible about the receiver's education, age, status, style, and personal and professional concerns
put yourself in their shoes ability to relate to the needs of others
vital for success What Else Does Our
Audience Expect? Compatibility
Ease of Use
Proper Channels Messages Focused
on the
PARAMOUNT! http://www.spike.com/video-clips/6ks3u1/meat-no-meat-promo http://videocontestnews.com/
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