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Hocus Pocus and The Crucible

No description

Brittany Simpson

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Hocus Pocus and The Crucible

Hocus Pocus
The Crucible

The difference about the
The Crucible witches
Hocus Pocus

The people in the play wore "plain" dresses like Puritans.
Names: Brittany Simpson & Joceline Fortoso
Treatment of the witches in the movie!
Similarities of
Treatment of the witches in the movie

Accused "Witches" in the play
Both the movie and play start in Salem, Massachusetts
Similarities of Both
Accused "Witches" in the play
The difference about the
Hocus Pocus

The Crucible

witches is...
The witches had powers like...
One could smell where the children were in the house.
One had electric powers to zap objects/people and move them around.
One uses her powers to call children to their home.
The witches could create evil spells like stealing soles from young children to become young and beautiful.
The Hocus Pocus witches wear colorful dresses.
Less people believed in the witches in the movie.
The witches in the movie were brought back to life.
More people in the play believed in witches.
The people accused of being witches were believed to have sold their soul to the devil.
The people in Salem had to go to church every
Sunday. If one person didn't come to church, people would accused he/she as a witch.
The accused were usually thought to have signed the black book to agree that devil could control their body.
In Salem, the people that were to be witches, had signs or marks on their body. When the witches were in prison, the accuers would examined their whole body.
They both involve the devil plan.
In Salem and Hocus Pocus, witches were hung.
In the movie and play, they both involved with kids in serious situations.
They both involve female witches taking souls from humans.
The End.
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