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Printmaking Steps

No description

Laura Cope

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of Printmaking Steps

3. Engraver uses
sharp tools to carve around the lines and shapes
of the
2. Image is glued
to the wood.
1. Designer draws
the image with
ink onto the paper.
2. Trace/draw your
design onto a piece of tracing paper. Place it on the block and
trace over that,
rubbing the
image off
1. Come up with
a design. They could be one color or polychromatic.
Woodblock Process
Rubber/Linoleum Print Process
What's the difference?
Woodblock vs. Rubber
If a print was to have
multiple colors, a new
block would be made for each color in this same manner.

Sometimes as many as 20 blocks would be made for one image.
4. Next, the ink is rolled evenly onto the block.
5. The paper is then marked evenly so the edges are even and placed on the block.
6. The paper is rubbed until the ink soaks in, then gently taken off the block
3. Use one of the cutting tools to cut away the design. Raised areas will have ink.
Cut areas
will stay
5. Roll the brayer in the ink and evenly cover. Roll the inked brayer over the rubber and evenly cover.
4. Mark the paper so that sides are even when printed on.
6. Place paper on top of the printing plate without bending it. It will skew the image if you do.

7. Carefully
peel the paper
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