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Seminar 6: Revenue-Generating I.T. Innovations

No description

Pascale Henke

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Seminar 6: Revenue-Generating I.T. Innovations

"innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"
- steve jobs

“what would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?” - dr. robert schuller
"RMB is about the right people at the right time with the ability to adapt to change"

Investment Banking
Co-Heads of Investment Banking
RMB Founders
Global Markets
Private Equity
Corporate Banking
Business Technology
Shared Services
Human Capital
RMB’s risk management philosophy is:
RMB Principles
Ownership of risk
Risk appetite

Risk types include:
Credit risk
Market risk
Investment risks
Counterparty Risks
Operational risks
Compliance Risk
Other (Liquidity, Business, Reputational, etc)

RMB Prop-board
FSR Credit committee
FSR Credit Committee
CIBC (Corporate and investment banking committee) and other delegated committees of FSRCC
RMB Audit Committee
RMB Risk Committees
Technical Committees
ORM Committee

Credit Risk Systems:
Credit risk systems: Wcrm, elms, casdm, bccc
Wcrm: Rating modles host
Elms: exposure limit management system
Casdm: static data from clients (ratings, lgds)
Bccc: Basel Credit Capital Calculator (regulatory capital, SARB (BA200) reporting)
Market Risk System:
Algorithmic’s RiskWatch
Paul Harris
GT Ferreira
Laurie Dippenaar
Allan Pullinger

Global Markets was formed by merging the FICC and the Equity business as well as certain aspect of the corporate bank business which was incorporated into the Treasury business.
RMB Global Markets Co-Heads
Business Units:
generating sophisticated real-time solutions to enhance their transactional activities
Carel Vosloo
Rob Hamer
Patrick McCabe
André Ribbens
Louis Jordaan

James Formby
Technology and Process
Value Proposition
Performance Management

5 Key Pillars
CJ Giddy
Africa Focus

Michael Larbie
Eutychus Mbuthia

Simon Murray

RMB Global Markets has experience in;

Corporate Finance

Equity Capital Markets
Mergers & Acquisitions
Structured solutions
Deal restructuring
JSE Sponsor services
Investor Relations Advisory

Paul Refoelofse
Craig Forbes
Advisory services
The Queen
Debt Capital Markets
Infrastructure Finance
Structured Asset Finance
Resource Finance
Real Estate Finance
Leveraged Finance
Metals and Mining
Oil and Gas
All Global Market traded products
creating new products
that suit a wide range of client needs, whether they are risk-seeking or want to manage and mitigate the financial market risk. such as interest rate, currency, liquidity, commodity, equity and credit risk
Interest Rates Trading
Forex Trading
Commodity Trading
Equity Sales Trading
Management and leverage buy-outs
Management buy-ins
Acquistion Capital
Growth Capital
BEE funding
RMB Global Markets Research
RMB Global Markets highly rated research team offer clients analysis that covers the South African fixed income, currency, credit and commodity markets.
Credit: Elena Ilkova
Currency and commodities: John Cairns
Economics and fixed income: Carmen Nel
Africa: Celeste Fauconnier
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