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Pastor Manders

No description

Juliana Khader

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Pastor Manders

Pastor Manders
Johnny Depp
I think that Johnny Depp should play the role of Manders just because he has done just about everything.
Since Manders is a very narcissistic and selfish person, Johnny Depp having a lot of experience could play his role well.
Back story
Manders Bio
Liar: "MANDERS. Never – never in my most secret thoughts have I regarded you otherwise than as another's wife.
MRS. ALVING. Oh – indeed?
MANDERS. Helen – !
MRS. ALVING. People so easily forget their past selves. (2.94-101)"
Stereotypical: "It is not a wife's part to be her husband's judge"
Hypocritical: "MANDERS. Besides, I of course do not deny that there may be much that is attractive in such books. Nor can I blame you for wishing to keep up with the intellectual movements that are said to be going on in the great world-where you have let your son pass so much of his life. But –
MANDERS. [Lowering his voice.] But one should not talk about it, Mrs. Alving. (1.179-181)"
What happens next?
Manders father turned out to be gay and left his mom. Manders mom was a heroin dealer and she loved to touch Manders after his father left.
When Manders was little he was porn with a third nipple, everyone made fun of him so he got his third nipple removed.
Manders loses his virginity to his mom after she rapes him.
Manders found protection in the church from all the mean kids when he was littler, so he becomes a Pastor.

Everyone finds out about Ms.Alvang and Manders affair, He is more concerned about what people think about him then he flees all the way to Mexico meeting an female African slave and becomes the worlds biggest drug lord ever.
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