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Vrinda Vardhan

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of THAILAND

Asian costume project -a ppt on the costume of Thailand Nation Costume of Thailand Traditional Thai Dance Accessories Traditional Thai Fabrics Traditional Thai Headress ( Chiang Mai) Thai Local Textiles and Fabrics are:
Mudmee Silk
Khit (Raise Embroidered)
Kab Bua Silk
Chan Soma Silk Traditional Thai Dance Thai classical dance at one time was reserved for the royal court, until a few hundred years ago. Today it is taught in schools, and is part of every celebration. Thai classical dancers wear elaborately embroidered silk costumes with golden crowns and accessories. The movements are deliberate and emphatic and the pace restrained.
Special ocassion (Informal ) Women's Wear A full length “pha sin” a rectangular piece of cloth worn like a skirt or sarong generally made of thai silk . Phasim can be made of any color and generally has contrasted bands around the hem.
It is worn with a long sleeved silk blouse . On formal
O a sash may be worn across the breast from the left shoulder to the right part of the waist . Special Occassion (Informal) Men's Wear Men's Wear The dress for men is trousers with a “ sevr phra ratchathan” , a short sleeved shirt [long – sleeved for formal occasions with a high o neck . Introduction There is no official national costume of Thailand but the traditional dress of this country has been adopted as the unofficial national costume and can be seen in all occasions. Womens Wear Thai Chakkri

Thai Boromphiman

Thai Siwalai

Thai Chakkraphat

Thai Chitlada

Thai Ruean Ton The Thai National Costumes The Thai national costume, known in Thai as "Chut Thai phra ratcha niyom", literally (Thai dress of royal endorsement), includes several sets of clothing designed for use as national costume in different occasions. by Vrinda Vardhan By Vrinda Vardhan On informal occasions , a decorative band is tied around the waist. Mudmee Silk Khit Kab Bua Silk Chan Soma Silk Traditional Thai Dancing Nails -The Silouhette of the Thai costumes is the 'H' silouhette
-The colours used in these costumes are red, green,gold,purple,terracotta and blue,etc; Costume Details
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