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Gender equality in the workplace

No description

Jenna Goeres

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of Gender equality in the workplace

News Article
Who: Jeanette VanderMarel (co-founder of "The Green Organic Dutchman" and president of "Good and Green" cannabis companies)
female and male workers in these cannabis companies affected

When: article published on Aug.21.2018 interview took place Aug.21.2018

Where: cannabis companies located in Ontario
feminism is about equality

gender is not something that should be taken into account when applying for a job

everyone given equal opportunities
lack of women in leadership/executive roles

unequal pay

gender bias in men and women
Big Question
What and Why?

the principle that all people are equal and are deserving of the same rights as well as the same opportunities
Gender equality
Gender Bias

by Jenna Goeres
At what point does "equality" become gender bias?
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