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Action Plan for Improved Community Involvement

No description

Sara Womack

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of Action Plan for Improved Community Involvement

Action Plan for
Improved Community Involvement Goal: To build relationships between GES and community businesses and organizations Objective: To increase the number of contacts with businesses and community organizations as defined by the number and type of contacts made during the school year 2.Develop a list of specific ways that community businesses and organizations can partner with GES to enhance student experiences, i.e., employee tutoring during lunch, experts to impart knowledge, financial donations 7.Develop a plan to improve or maintain results for following years 3.Send online survey to developed contact list to determine available resources that can be shared to enhance student experiences 4.Connect available resources as identified in the survey with teachers/
administrators responsible for coordinating the corresponding programs 1.Develop a list of business and organizations in the community 5.Track data regarding the number and type of contacts initiated by business and organization members, as well as the contacts initiated by faculty members to businesses and organizations 6.Resurvey participating and non-participating business and community leaders to determine successes and areas in need of improvement Monitoring Plan: Monthly review of adherence to developed timeline by Community Relations Committee Evaluation Plan: Survey business and community leaders at the end of the school year to determine improvement from the beginning of the year and track growth of data gained from the number and type of contacts made during the school year August August September October October-April May May Sara Womack
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