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Gender responsive budgeting workshop

No description

Reina Ichii

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Gender responsive budgeting workshop

1. Is government budget gender neutral?
2. what are impacts of government budgets on men and women/ boys and girls?
3. What is GRB?
4. How to undertake GRB analysis?
JICA workshop on gender responsive budgeting
12 February 2014
Reina Ichii, RMIT University

Workshop content
1. Is government budget gender neutral?
2. What are impacts of government budgets on men and women/ boys and girls?
3. What is gender responsive budgeting?
4. What are GRB framework?
5. Recommendation: How could GRB be used for JICA:s Projects?
Monitoring and evaluation
Policies and programs are monitored and evaluated by line ministires and the audit department.
GRB framework
Total budget approach
Five step approach (performance based budgeting approach)
Five step approach
describe situations regarding gender and different groups of people
undertake policy/program appraisal
assess adequacy of financial inputs and resources
monitor actual expenditure
assess whether policy and relevant expenditure has promoted gender equity

5. Recommendation: How could GRB be used for JICA's projects?
Integrate GRB's concept into PDM
integrate GRB into the other gender mainstreaming activities (eg gender statistics and audit )
Use GRB for adult education programs to increase economic literacy etc...
Does the way that the government raises and spends money to
a. reduce gender equality;
b. leave gender equality unchanged and/or
c. increase gender equality?

What are components of government budgets?
Table 1 Japanese government expenditure in 2013
Source: Ministry of Finance (2013)
Highlights of budget 2013.
What is

gender responsive budget?
A separate budget for women and men
Primary concerned with increasing expenditures spend on gender specific programs (eg health care programs for pregnant women)
Equal budget allocation between women and women
Total budget approach - example
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