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Flight Centre CRM Final

No description

Fio Ar

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Flight Centre CRM Final

Flight Centre Limited

Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement
Services Sector

Operation in 11 regions Company Overview Flight Centre Performance CRM Strategy Three customer segments:

International Presence Customer Portfolio Analysis Differentiated Brands to target specific segments

Bundled Products

Based on broad, not personalised
customer insight Customer Intimacy At Flight Centre we are committed to providing great travel at the cheapest available price.
Our consultants are experienced, highly trained experts, dedicated to finding the best travel deal for any destination and any budget. They are widely travelled and enthusiastic about travel. Value Proposition Enhance supply chain relationship and unique product creation

Collaboration with
Rental Cars
Coach tours Network Simple, lean flat and transparent organisation structure
Accessible and personal leaders Leadership & Culture 3.5 million customers registered in the database

Targeted offers through Product Bundling specialty

Intensive systems to forecast demand Data & Capability Multi-channel presence

New Blended

2,500 Retail shops expected in 2013

Call centre

Online portal

Social Media Channels & Touch Points Big Easy Project - Standardization: ‘one best way system’
Universal desktop
LCC Platforms
Quick docx
Electrconic customer acceptance
Price beat portal

Blended Travel Agency Project

SABRE – Main Technological partners Process Nation’s Best Employer for large companies  with more than 1000 staff

Highly educated, passionate, well travelled

Training programs – FLC Business School


5 layers structure: family, villages, tribe, nations, regions, global People Customer
Analysis Customer
Intimacy Value
Proposition Acquire: footprint and advertising

Cross sell & Upsell: during the transaction

Retain: good customer service

Advocacy Manage the
Customer Lifecycle Network Manage the
Lifecycle Leadership & Culture Data & Capability Channels & Touch Points Process People Adrien Fromion
James Carter
Deepika Choudhary
Maria Ines Way
Fiorella Ardissone
Gunjan Pradhan Analytical Operational Strategic Strengths Missing opportunities to gather data from customers
In store

Potential use of data for analytical purposes
Generic targeting

Managing customer lifecycle better
Retention & Engagement
Implementation of loyalty program Opportunities Building on customer intimacy

Login to customer account (Amazon)

Potential for targeted offers by
capturing data triggering activities

Promote Travel Community better (Blog)

Improve data gathering
Ensuring that all queries enter the database
Actively involve customers on data gathering Recommendations CRM Framework cheapest price trained experts experienced Agenda Company Overview

CRM Framework



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