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just to try it out

just to try it out

Neha Sonawane

on 9 August 2010

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Transcript of just to try it out

Andar ki baat is this - I want us to be together for all my life! I want you to study Come on time!! How to make
thing better?? Understand the importance of time! why argue?? we are both on one side!!
discuss..not argue! we are not in trial! Be honest - not that u are not! but please
say things the way they are! :)
A man is known by his word and actions..
No one in the world has enough time to understand other people.
Once the credibility is lost..it will never come back!
It takes years to build trust. and a Second to lose it.
Please keep this in mind! we are partners.. equal responsibility, equal work, equal pleasure ;) and equal life! :) agree?? No lajee!
We have slept 4 years!
Now we have to wake up.. make something of ourselves! BUT BUT BUT.. what say?? Is sab se doooor.. u and I.. can we make our happily ever after??
I say all this coz'
I Love You a Lot We must be settled in our career, be independent so we can claim what is rightfully ours, rather than beg and grovel or worse die at someone's feet! BUT BUT BUT...
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